Material and spiritual destiny

Our mind is the result of the material existence. How could it be otherwise than that the guardian of the material world also arose from it. He arose from the matter, which was given to us by our parents at our conception. He, the mind, the child of matter, carries us from moment to moment, because more than the moment is not accessible to him. These moments together form time. Time, which is also a form of matter, for it exists only in material perception, continues to form the mind presented by our parents. It is like a brass vase, which was created smooth and in its own form, and which is now changed by time. Perhaps by ornamentation engraved into it. Perhaps by dents created by collision or fall. Nevertheless, the original form of the vase, the form in which it was brought into the world, will basically always remain recognizable. It will always be the basic substance, which will reflect all materially acting forces on it. Thus, the mind carries within itself a part of our destiny, which is composed of what was poured into our material form through our parents, taken over from their parents and before that from their parents and so on, and what arises from it during our life’s journey and from the things that happen to us. It is this that is the destiny of the moment followed by the next. „You are like your mother!“ – „Am I not becoming more and more like my father!?“ This force of destiny is irrepressibly strong and chases us through time like lost people. We run as if we were driven and do not know by whom. Strangers to ourselves. „What am I doing here right now?“ we sometimes ask ourselves. As if waking up from a dream. As if we had been sleepwalking. As if someone else was guiding our hand and our word. This is the fate of the moment. This is the destiny that matter gives us. The inherited, the genes. The experienced, the engravings and dents.

Our soul, on the other hand, rests neither in time nor in space, nor does it rest in the moment. Its home is eternity and infinity. It carries the second part of our destiny. This part of our destiny contains the meaning that our mind so desperately seeks to discern. Our soul contains the meaning because it is the world destiny, the destiny of the whole creation with which it unites us. As single, peculiar and moment-bound as our material destiny is with the mind as its executor, so universal is the destiny in which our soul makes us participate. It is the one destiny that all share and that contains everything.

If our material destiny is the vase, then the soul destiny is the earth on which all vases stand, the sky that arches over all vases, and the sun that shines on all vases equally. Thus, our destiny is formed from the past, present and eternity. The fate that is based in the past and the present, the material fate, we may be able to influence through knowledge and right action. The destiny of eternity, our soul destiny, remains inaccessible to our actions. We can recognize it with our soul perception. And then rest in it.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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