Mary’s Letting Go

Maria – I appreciate her and her work very much – once asked me: „The other day someone told me that the body elementals are the same as the power animals. I always thought the power animal had a different position. What do you think?“ After her first two sentences, I already knew that I was actually in the mood for this discussion. I had no idea what elementals were, let alone what body elementals were, and somehow didn’t want to know. I just immediately felt again a division in names and meaning that was painful for me. I felt a play of the mind, which again has to dissect something, which is actually one and whole, under its magnifying glass, in order to be able to form its judgment about common, separate, right and wrong – corresponds to my opinion – does not correspond to my opinion. Somewhat helplessly – and I must admit, also somewhat unwillingly – I started: „I think, these are only different designations again…“ and dug out everything I knew in order to make clear to her the sameness of the essence, which lies in the apparently separate – only conceptually separate – things. Then, at the end of my answer, Maria did say, „Well, maybe somehow everything is just one…“ It didn’t sound very convincing to me now…. Maria works with people on an energetic level. Whatever energetic means. I don’t really like the word, but somehow there doesn’t seem to be a better one. Maria has many patients and is very successful. She comes from Bavaria and now lives in the Ruhr area. She says she loves the Ruhr area because you can work better there. You don’t have the desire to go to the mountains when the weather is nice, like in Bavaria, but you can continue to concentrate on your work here. She has bought a house with her husband and in the garden she has personally worked 23 tons of granite into quarry stone walls. The whole huge house was completely renovated, countless tons of rubble were removed and 15 tons of clay were added to the interior walls. This year she has given up fighting the garden. She now no longer wants to impose her will on it. Everything should grow more where it wants to thrive itself.

When it works with people, it does so naturally in unity. But still. Nevertheless, her compelling, working and lustful mind moving tons of matter cannot stay out of it and has to compulsively bring the separation into the realms of oneness. Maria is not aware of this and therefore allows it to happen. And Maria is then no longer clear. If she had been clear, then she would not have needed to ask me. That which was actually one has been separated by her mind through concepts and definitions and suddenly the question of right and wrong arose in a place where everything was one for her before.

People seem more and more Faustian to me. They are becoming more and more detail-oriented in all areas. More and more they look deep into the bottles in search of the homunculus. Mephisto then shows them the outer appearance and they feast on the senses and power. They think that this is the truth.

Gretchen, the truth in the form of ignorance, innocence, not wanting and not striving, falls by the wayside, is violated and suffers a terrible earthly fate. Only in her death – at the moment when the material powers can no longer exercise power over her, because she is only soul – she is divinely redeemed.

Mary has already given up trying to exercise power over her garden (or let her mind exercise power over it, depending). And hopefully the realization that in the last essence body elemental being and power animal are only two words will hold. And words are invented by the mind because it cannot hear the one clear sound of oneness.

The mind also wants unity. But he tries it with tricks and force. Its erroneous conclusion lies in the fact that it does not recognize that everything is already one and does not have to be put together again first.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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