Body feelings – soul states

When a person thinks about me intensely, it triggers a feeling of lightness in my head and arms. My ears „ring,“ as the saying goes. If two people do this together and they have certain spiritual power, then I sometimes feel slightly dizzy. The soul is called and leaves the body in parts. It takes up contact with those who are concentrated on me at the moment. The gates of perception open.

It’s a feeling like hypoglycemia. I already know this feeling from my childhood, when I lay in bed in the evening and fell into a half-sleep. The same feeling of lightness, of „being dizzy“. – And then I fell into a tunnel or the most different beings appeared before my eyes.

Like hypoglycemia... I had to think of this when I read Aldous Huxley’s book „The Gates of Perception“. He described there the mode of action of mescaline. The ingredient of the peyote cactus, a perception-enhancing agent of the New Mexico Indians. Huxley began his book with a statement according to which, in the opinion of some neuroscientists, our brain is not productive but reductive. It does not help us therefore to realizations or let us make inventions. It certainly does not give us a complete idea of the world in which we find ourselves.

So our brain does not create anything. No, quite the opposite. Its function is to filter our perception and to let through only that what is necessary for our material existence on this globe. If it would not do that, then we would have the entire knowledge of all time and every place of the creation. Just as it is possible for us potentially in mental trance (in the dream, in the half sleep also…).

Now mescaline does one thing: it blocks the brain’s absorption of sugar, the body’s energy supplier. The brain – the great filter – is weakened in its function, the gates of perception open and the person is able to „see“ the world with completely different eyes (yes, with a completely new sense of perception). – Hypoglycemia…

The assumption that prayer – the active and intensive contact to the non-material, to the soul level – is the adrenaline of our aspect beyond, I had for quite some time. Just as the adrenaline output triggered by emergency situations can save us from harm on the material level and „change“ the world in such a way that we come out of the situation safe and sound, so true prayer is able to change something on the soul level in emergency situations and thus save us.

Is hypoglycemia, the undersupply of vital energy, not an emergency situation? Is it perhaps an „intended“ mechanism that in such situations the filter opens and provides us with other – extended – possibilities of perception and action? Is the satiety of our society perhaps the reason why the filter is so dense and it closes the gates of perception further than is good? Closes them to the point of complete denial of the soul’s existence? Is this the basis for the mind’s claim to sole dominance in this world? The satiety?

Perhaps therein lies the reason for asceticism and fasting before sacred acts. The brain is weakened and the gates are opened wider again.

It seems to me that many physical events have to do with the going in and out of the soul. The breath – the breath of life – is, according to my sensation, only externally the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide. It is, according to my feeling, the movement of the soul power out and in again.

The fact that I get the symptoms of hypoglycemia when I have soul connections makes me suspect that hypoglycemia is also more than an external lack of energy. It also seems to be related to the removal of the soul from the body (or the opening of the gates of our soul sense. Depending on how we want to look at it). Mother Teresa was accused of marginalizing the suffering of the poor by saying that she would like to be as close to God as the poor could be. That these were blessed by God. Is the poor perhaps really „closer“ to God because of hunger and lack of energy? Whether he is aware of this and feels comfortable in his situation or not, does not matter in this consideration for the time being.

Are its doors still open because of scarcity and is this the reason why religion always seems to be something for bad times? Is that the reason why also earlier societies on other continents, had lost the blessing, after they had risen from poor farmers to rich materially oriented traders and conquerors? Is this the reason why religion is then inevitably used only as a worldly instrument of power, since the filter is so closed that not an ounce of an inkling of the true nature of our soul existence is accessible anymore? Is thus the large amount of energy available to our body responsible for the high degree of material manifestation of ourselves and the outsized influence of the ego on our consciousness?

Isn’t then the near-death experience not a hallucination due to lack of oxygen in the brain, but an expanded perception of the world – and of one’s own being – due to the dissolving filter and the natural next step into non-material perception, after the last, final „emergency situation“ meant the end of our earthly material attachment?

It is simply another pulsation in the cycle of existence. If we do not separate life and death and consider them to be on one line, then we can recognize this pulsation. After manifestation comes dissolution. After dissolution comes manifestation…. Everything has its time: the filtered and in space and time materially limited existence and the opened existence which is beyond space and time.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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