Replacing capitalism with communism at the level of the material mind means replacing pain with pain and separation with separation

Andreas Baader was of the opinion that the communist parties in the Federal Republic of Germany would not be able to realize communism in Germany because, as parliamentary parties, they moved within the frame of reference of the capitalist system and thus supported it rather than overcoming it. They had become a part of the capitalist system because they had submitted to its rules.

Andreas Baader did not realize that with the RAF he cannot realize communism – the equality of all people without competition. People freed from the pain of alienation – cannot be realized because he does not leave the frame of reference of the material mind. He thought it would be enough to be contrary to capitalism to achieve a (consciousness) change. He did not realize that he would have had to stand contrary to the ego in order to lead man out of pain. He has not realized that with the armed struggle he will remain a part of the material concept of separation and he will only further support it with his desire to widen the rift between the classes.

Capitalism is the most extreme social expression of matter of which man is capable. Communism without soul appears to be in contrast to this, but as a likewise one-sided material concept it is also subject exclusively to the laws of separation and pain. This purely material basis is the reason why there is no functioning communist system in this world.

Capitalism „works“ on its material level, in pain, because it completely maps the concept of matter. Communism does not function on this material level, because it actually contains a soul concept, which, however, is not taken into account by it, but is to be pressed into a material form.

The RAF, in its material („material“ as opposed to „soul“) orientation, failed to recognize that it is not „U.S. capital and multinational corporations“ that „enslave the masses,“ but that it is matter itself that enslaves not only the masses, but everyone, while capital and corporations themselves are also merely will-less slaves to this principle of separation. Matter ultimately enslaves itself without a soul corrective.

A consciousness that does not hear the voice of security, humility and unity hears only the material mind. This consciousness is no longer distinguishable in its being from pure matter and is in permanent enslavement. The RAF as a purely material organization without soul consciousness was just as much a slave to matter as are the corporations and capital perceived by it as separate from it. The RAF thought that it was already fundamentally different – down to the level underneath it all – from capitalism. This assessment was based on a worldview that only knows matter and in which differentiation can only take place on this level – perceived as fundamental. The differentiation they made on this level can therefore only take place in the different expression of pain and separation. „Class hatred“ is therefore for the RAF something completely different from racial hatred. The one is legitimate and necessary for them, the other is to be condemned and a tool of oppression.

For the person who hears his soul voice and knows about the unity and the security, hate is always the same expression of the soul distant matter and synonymous with pain, fear, anger and separation. No matter how hatred is now named and justified in detail, it always means annihilation. For the human being, who hears his soul as well as his mind, the fundamental basis is not exclusively in matter, but in the divine creative power, which encompasses and permeates both soul and matter. He has thus not only the choice between pain and pain, but between pain and security in all its gradations. Then he comes to the ensoulment of all things and all existence. He recognizes the unity of everything with himself and hate can never be an option for him. He recognizes the balances and where there is a lack of balance through spiritual power, he can work.

Any action that starts only from the mind inevitably ends up in hatred, in destruction. It is only prayer – in whatever form the connection with the soul force takes place – that can bring balance to this material one-sidedness we are facing. As clichéd as this appeal may sound in ecclesiastical terms. It is true.

Replacing capitalism with communism on the level of the material mind means replacing pain with pain and separation with separation.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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