Now we have robbed the earth of its soul, its motherliness

We have conquered the earth. We have suppressed her. We didn’t let her make a sound. No quarter was given on our part. Our will be done. The will. The soulless one. The one who is afraid of the freedom of the other. The one who knows no trust and controls everything until it is dead and thus completely and eternally subject to him. The one with zero tolerance for the slightest pain. The one who is never to blame and mercilessly strikes back at the slightest hint of resistance. Or strikes pre-emptively. Or pre-emptively. Whatever he wants to call it.

We have finished off the child entrusted to us. With our material, male lovelessness. There was no loving mother for the child Earth. It had to show signs. Otherwise it was chastised. Often even if it did. It didn’t matter. For we had the power. Power is cruel without love. He who does not feel the other acts thoughtlessly towards him. And without remorse.

Now we have robbed the world of its soul, its motherliness. And what remains is a being, a consciousness in deepest pain and hatred. What is left is the psychopath that we have tortured ourselves into becoming.

We who are loveless and thoughtless and unrepentant have thought it would go on and on. Investing nothing. Give nothing, give nothing. Using the child. Abusing it. But it has grown up now. And it no longer knows love. We have taken it away from it.

Now it screams its pain at us and roars in its hatred: „I! I! I! YOU ARE ALL MONSTERS! I WILL DESTROY YOU!“ And it no longer feels anything connecting it and us.

Perhaps the earth can still be healed. So much spiritual strength, so much love, so much motherliness would be needed for this… So much security and freedom. So much trust.

Perhaps man can achieve this. But perhaps he too must first become so limited in his ego that space can arise in his consciousness for his motherliness. That he can begin to pray. Perhaps the child earth, which has grown large and strong, must first humble him in her raging. – – But perhaps the earth consciousness is also one of the very great ones and it endures the pain and does not let it become suffering. Lets unity triumph and leads man sternly back to the wholesome path. Then it also showed its love again when it sees the human ego small and it enables humility again through its limitation in human consciousness, it enables the knowledge of love…. The humble love which he, the human being, can then give back to the mother, the sister, the child earth….

The circles are like that. On all levels they are the same. They are interdependent. They are interwoven. They cancel each other out. Child – mother – father – child… Security, hatred, unity, creative divine action… Destruction and new beginnings… Limitation and expansion… That is how the circles are. They are the same on all levels. Interdependent. They are interwoven. They cancel each other out.

When we recognise ourselves, we recognise the world. When we recognise the world, we recognise ourselves.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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