Everyone against everyone – First surprised recognition of destructive materialism

When our ancestors still roamed the land in clans, the focus was on cooperation. The oneness. Conflicts sometimes arose over the choice of partners or between suitable people who applied to succeed each other as leaders. Once these issues were settled, action was taken for the good of the community and thus for the good of the individual members.

The idea, ingrained in our society today, that the struggle of the individual member of the community against all other members of that community contributes to the well-being of the community and its individual members is misguided. To orient people from youngest childhood on (competitive) struggle against the members of one’s own community and thus to expand and carry into all areas of existence the natural conflicts that formerly revolved around reproduction and leadership, arises from the exaggerated personal claim to maximum individual possession of resources.

The community, which should carry the oneness of our eternal and infinite aspects, which should generate the common rhythm in which one passes through time and space, serves only as an arena for battles of the individual against all others. It only defines the rules of the game within which the battles take place. The „community“ is the military hospital where the wounds of the lost warriors of materialism are treated, only to be chased back into the battle of annihilation, staggering, panting and sweaty, with a slap on the back.

What is the point of all this? Why do we have to fight? And if there no longer seems to be an opponent on the outside, why tear each other apart so thoroughly on the inside? Do we all hate ourselves so much that we create such a world for ourselves? Is our society created in such a way that it has to fight each other on the inside in order to function? To be able to be strong on the outside?Instead of outer harmony and inner peace, outer struggle and inner battles of destruction? Who is served by the fact that man is no longer allowed to have a foothold and that he feels surrounded at home by enemies that he has to fight? Who benefits from the desperation of man who fearfully seeks his protective clan in order to be protected from his clan fighting him?

It benefits the soulless mind. By the concentration of the human being on the defense of the attacks of his fellow creatures, the human being remains completely and permanently caught in the material perception of his fear. The perception of the soul unity, let alone of his own divinity does not take place any more. For this it would need rest and leisure.

The bullet from the shiny chrome, handmade and limited edition precision rifle, the priceless collector’s item, the outstanding example of human craftsmanship, is nothing more than a piece of metal brought to the speed of sound by an explosion in a pipe, which on impact – clumsily. Quite clumsy and dull and primitive and simple – shreds the internal organs of the targeted person in the rag and lets him die from it…. disembowels him and leaves only his destroyed shell. This piece of metal is nothing other than the heavy, angular, cold and dirty stone with which Abel’s skull was crushed ages ago in unbridled rage and godforsaken loneliness. There the medals can still shine so metallic. It is not more.

Thus, the mind retains its power. The oneness of the family is already too dangerous for him. Even this oneness must be sacrificed. Replaced by the fight of the individual against the individual. Nobody shall come to stupid thoughts – even worse: to stupid feelings, even worse: to stupid perceptions.

If the mind looked at his work from above, it would be full of joy, because of the wonderful, soon the whole globe filling practice of his religion: the separation. And for the fulfillment of this work all perception of the oneness must be taken from the people. After all, the military hospital area is only taken care of on a voluntary basis. An area in which there is no investment. Necessary to keep the battles going, but not a refund. It is clear to everyone: It has no real material, monetary value, this last remnant of altruistic hustle and bustle. But since something must have value: What remains? The battle of the neighbor against his neighbor. Only there is something to win, which has material and monetary value. What there is to lose there, the individual knows nothing about for a long time….

Perhaps the much-vaunted „world community“ is not a clan at all. Perhaps the „nation“ is not a clan at all. Maybe these „communities“ are not communities at all. Maybe this is only sold to the people so that they feel responsible – committed to a false, apparent clan – and follow the rules of mutual annihilation without asking. And under the violence of these heavily burdened false clans with their rules, which are not clan rules at all, all family or elective kinship, all places which could make it possible to feel a spiritual oneness, are crushed. With unprecedented human creative power…. Hooray!!!

– A community in which the oppression of an individual’s life (e.g. by banks) is normal and in which lying to the other through concealment, twisting of words and brainwashing (e.g. by the advertising industry) is not outlawed is not a community that serves the life of man.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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