I – know – NOTHING!

Again and again I come to points in my life where I can only be surprised (or not so surprised):

„I – know – NOTHING!“

These are points in my life where what I thought I knew or thought I knew for sure turned out to be pigeonholed, entrenched opinion, or simply bigoted know-it-allness, arrogance, and self-overestimation of my „knowledge“ in one way or another.

I only recognize this in its scope and expression when the error is clearly shown to me. – I rejoice then. It is the wonderful opportunity to empty my mind again. To become like the children and to experience everything once again without determinations completely anew.

Many things are then just not as they appeared to me as „fact“ and „truth“. Then I can open my ideas and complement or replace them with the new and the world stands in a new light. I can ask myself: „Where did I not look properly in the past? Where have I not listened properly? Where have I been stuck in a rut so that so many aspects have gone unnoticed? Why do I notice it only now? What have I not known until now? “ I then realize, „It is not the insistence on fixed opinions and ideas that defines me. Much more I feel my true self when I enter the river of change, flow with it, carry myself and let myself be surprised where it takes me. If I resist it rigidly, I will hurt myself. Or maybe even drown.“ Such observations go far beyond thinking for me. They directly touch our spiritual being. – At least, that’s my opinion… until now…

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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