I have grown – the world is new without fear

I have grown…. I have – grown.“ said Iris. She had just returned from a shamanic trance, sat up and looked deeply into my eyes. Feeling great happiness, I grabbed her by the shoulder and said with a smile, „Yes, you have grown!“

What Iris felt, she expressed with the term growth. She could also have said, „I’m not afraid anymore!“ Because this is what really happened in her. But she could not express this because she was not aware of this happening as such. Through the shamanic trance, the pendulum of her perception was shifted from the realm of the five senses – the mind – towards the soul sense. Her perception, the consciousness(!), which, as with most people, is unknowingly dominated by the pain of being separated and the resulting lonely fear, gave up the five senses to a great extent and perceived in return, to the extent of this giving up, the security in oneness via the soul sense. The perception of fear was replaced by the perception of soul knowledge. The world was changed! Iris could not express it in such a way, because the fear, which had gone now – at least in parts – from her, is so deep in the people, that the consciousness sees this fear as a normal state of being. If this fear, this burden, goes away, then it’s a feeling like … „Growth!“ A good term. Because a burden is something we carry in addition. A burden is not a part of us that is part of our natural being. Our natural being we carry without effort, because that is what we were made for and are in harmony with. Growth occurs when we get rid of a burden and no longer have to walk bent over or even crawl on all fours. So, in the end, it has not grown at all, but it has „only“ come closer to its natural state, which it only – like most of us also – has let wither away. The greatness is therefore always in us!

It depends on each individual and the circumstances whether and how long he remains fear-free or -poor. That fear returns as soon as we go back to „everyday life“, i.e. to the world of mind and materialism, is almost inevitable. Too much we are again pulled far with our pendulum into the perception of the five senses and thus into the dominance of pain and fear by our environment, which is a millennia old, sophisticated and meanwhile completely closed construct of the mind. This happens without us necessarily being aware of it and for the simple reason that the mind system surrounding us without gaps is based on pain and fear. The pain and fear are a permanent condition in our perception, which is why we usually do not notice it very much. This changes when we – once or even more often – were allowed to perceive how the world changes, when we are once freed from the fear and the pain, when we were allowed to free ourselves from this burden and – grew. I say on purpose, „how the world changes“ and not, „how we see the world differently“ or something similar, because it is a real change, a change that is effective and does not exist only in our „imagination“.

I am of course also subject to this swinging pendulum. Often enough I am pulled or pushed out of trust into fear by external circumstances, which in our society are always mind-oriented. I feel it then when I start to worry about future things. For example, when I wonder what to tell at an upcoming event. When I ask myself whether the participants will perhaps look at me hypercritically and whether I will not lack the right words to explain my concern to them. How will I stand then!? And I feel how I am afraid of this appointment, which is getting closer and closer. I feel how I lack all confidence. Any true knowledge. This development is insidious. It is so insidious that I almost don’t notice it myself. So normal does our thinking make this perception seem that I sometimes stay in this condition for a very long time, until I realize how far I have actually moved away from my soul knowledge and how much my mind has taken over. Then it is time to „act“. It is actually quite „simple.“ After I have been corrupted in my perception by mind activity acting on me (worry! fear! discomfort! insecurity! loneliness!), I now have to shift my pendulum back in the direction of soul knowledge (unity! knowledge! love! humility! power!). I go into meditation or into shamanic trance. I sit down in the forest and let my soul perception tell me many things there. My pendulum swings back – and suddenly the world is new. My fear has gone without me having to do anything or calm down or better prepare myself. I am in my (better: in God’s) power. I can look forward to the event. I will go there as I always do: without a concept, without a plan and without an idea of what I will tell and do there all the time. I am secure in the Unity and know that it will be the right thing for me and the participants. I know I will have the words because they will be given to me in time. I am happy because I am so confident in it. I am as happy as I was the moment I sat next to Iris and she told me „I have grown…“ This is the way this book came about as well. Trusting that the words will be the right ones. Written down without fear and without doubt. Without thinking and in the knowledge that I am safe in the spiritual unity and that everything will be right.

The world is new without fear. The fear of separation is an illusion. An illusion that robs us of all our strength. If we move from the realm of pain and fear to the realm of knowledge and secure trust, then we first realize how strong we actually are. How firmly we stand and how high we can raise ourselves up to take in our naturally existing greatness. What towering rocks with deep foundations, what mighty trees with deep roots and crowns soaring into the sky we can be. What mighty streams and rivers, gentle, steady and winding their way around all obstacles or through millions of years, we can be. What mighty winds, circling the world in all heights, we can be. What a solid and sustaining earth we can be. It is already like this: Whoever wants to dominate people must keep them in fear.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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