Goal orientation

Goal orientated? The path is… the goal? And now? What does that mean? What does that mean?

A goal is a point. An event. In time and space. In the future. One of – let’s understate it – gigaquadrillions of points or events that can manifest themselves in a chosen section of the future. Its manifestation results from the infinite connection of – at least – megagigaquadrillions of preceding events that are connected to this event labelled as the goal. Each of these events on the way to the target event can be regarded as a separate target event. Or to put it the other way round: each goal is also nothing more than a simple event in time that we pick out according to personal preference, just like all the others. So there is actually only one network of infinite interconnection in which all events of the future (and present and past) vibrate together in mutual influence.

If we are goal orientated, then we are not interested in the path to the goal. We don’t care about the infinite number of events that lie on the way to the goal. Of the infinite number of possible paths, we generally take the quickest or shortest route to our destination. Because we see the destination as a special event. As the event that matters to us. We mentally isolate this event from the factual overall context. But all events on the way to the goal are equally justified with the goal, are equally important. If we only look at the target event, then it is very likely that we will manifest damage, destruction, suffering, confusion and imbalance through the events that lie on the path we have chosen as the shortest or fastest way through time, because we are not moving in the context of everything. Only the isolated goal counts for us. What we force into the world along the way is beyond our consideration. An isolated mind aims at an isolated event. Two singularities that are to become one. Which are to meet in the future. Regardless of the infinite number of events that lie along the way or are otherwise touched in connection with our walk through time and space. We are not in the all-seeing guided harmony. That is goal-orientation.

But every event that we manifest on the path is significant. It is just as significant for the world as the event we have chosen as our goal. Taking this into account is called process orientation or „the path is the goal“. Recognising that every event is equally connected to every other, that all are and are not the goal, leads to a movement through time that observes the flow of events and follows it harmoniously. Just as water flows through the gorges without resistance, the process-orientated person flows through the world and lives in harmony with its inherent events. He experiences no resistance and presents none. Goals are achieved or not achieved. It is important to choose the harmonious path. To do this, the focus must always be on the present and not on a distant event called a goal, towards which the person then stumbles blind to what lies before their feet – and crushes everything that comes under their feet.

Goal-orientation arises from the feeling of lack. Another name is control. Control is the child of fear. Fear comes from the survival instinct. The survival instinct is the consequence of the mind. The mind is a manifestation of the material world. It can do nothing other than fearfully fight for its survival, isolate and destroy – or absorb.

Process-orientation is the knowledge of the unity of time and space, of what is and what is not. Another name is devotion. Devotion is a consequence of the clarity of inner vision. Those who have grasped the connection surrender without fear, because no matter what happens, they are always safe in the unity of creation….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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