It is not only the eyes that our ego uses to create desires and also to satisfy them. And it is not only the ears or only the touch sensors with which it wants to nail us down to sensual perception and leave no room for soulful perception.

To a great extent, it is our senses of taste that have a permanent and very subtle hold on us.

Those who fast will notice. The first day, how hard it is! The coffee is missing! The bread! The sausage! The cheese! The pizza! The chocolate! What is not missing everything, which one was not conscious before at all! But if the fasting person feels his stomach in the whole trembling whining once, then he will find out that this is completely calm and serene. No movement goes out from it. Hunger? No! It is the pure desire which drives us crazy. The pure desire for – taste sensation! It is the ego that also wants to feel on this level. The separation feels and by the food an apparent unity wants to produce.

After a few days of fasting, these desires fade. A sugary piece of cake no longer seems attractive. That is how serene one has become. So liberated from one’s taste senses as the ego’s secret shackle with which it wants to chain our consciousness to matter and the material body. So calm is the intestine with the little tastelessness it receives. On the contrary, the idea of artificially pushing oneself with sugar and caffeine and giving up the serenity of a body-which is awake and active even without these means-in a state of calm and natural functioning seems absurd. Then, when you get a small bowl of curd cheese with fresh herbs, it is the ultimate treat! This aroma, this acidity in the curd! How wonderful! Nothing else is needed. Nothing that needs to be more refined or sweeter, saltier, sourer or sharper! Slowly you eat it. Enjoys with closed eyes each small spoonful. – And thinks of the former filling from morning to night: coffee, cereal, bread, something in between, coffee, lunch – with dessert -, coffee, something in between, cake, something to drink, dinner and then chocolate. – And hardly any of it was due to hunger. Almost all of it was just: cravings for flavor and the artificial pushing of a body out of whack. A digestive system that is busy all day, although it neither should nor should it have to. Then the fasting person takes the last spoonful of his curd in peace and he feels how differently this food is absorbed in the body than the vegetable soup of the last days. He becomes aware of the processes and is not chased by a taste oversweet, oversour, overspicy or overpushing taste sensation into extremes, from which he no longer finds a way out and loses himself more and more. And after the curd, whose taste slowly fades and the absence of a desire for large quantities of shrill food, the fasting person can still listen somewhere else. Into himself. Into his soul perception. Because now his consciousness finally has the capacities for it free….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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