Excess and degeneration

Ahrweiler, Afghanistan… just two current examples of failure. Oh yes! Corona crisis! Almost forgotten… Three examples then. Three examples of surprise at what is happening. What’s wrong with the correct „German“ (not only him. But him of all people.)? With the specialists, the experts, those who look closely and let their minds work to achieve a precise and best possible result? Where has this pride of the ego gone? The pride, the driving force, to make the world be his will with his cunning and his predictive power and his calculations? To shape things so that his will be done? Why does this no longer work in so many places and one wonders what these „responsible people“ do all day long? Why does the mind (especially the German mind, which was always so dry and precise from the concentration camp to the atomic bomb) only work at half strength?

It is excess. Excess?! Yes, the excess of materialism. The „responsible“ one has focused his responsibility further and further. Further and further and further. So far, until he could only see himself. His advantage. His allowances. His salary. His pension rights. His good riddance to the whole story. Saving his strength and then retiring early and then up with the cups. After all, his life will eventually come to an end. Be careful not to wear out too soon. He is his only goal and he is his only purpose. Ego-nihilism. Total fixation on oneself. Even the learned dogma of „prestige through achievement“ is no longer valid for him. Has lost its meaning. Materialism outside his ego itself has lost its meaning for him.

It is degeneration. For even he is tired of his mind. No longer has the pride to „achieve“ anything. So indifferent is he in the end to his standing in society. The opinion of him in his environment. After all, he is himself. And yet he is fully provided for without needing others. That is enough for him nowadays. The recognition, the pat on the back, the appreciative „Well done!“, he no longer needs that. „Well done!“ he prefers to say to himself when he looks at his bank account and his pension entitlements. „Well done! I don’t need a pig any more! I am my own god. Creator of my own paradise.“ Thus materialist society collapses and splinters into millions of individual entities. Visibly more and more, because the individual saves his strength and cunning for himself. Many people die and systems collapse. One no longer knows what the other is doing. And one wonders. Is no one responsible for this? Are there no razor-sharp specialists who take care of it? Who foresee? Who prevent? Who plan – the freestyle of our enlightened mind? We have nothing but our intellect, which is capable of everything and which makes us gods if we use it properly. That’s what they used to say, and that’s what they still say today! Maybe not literally. But in any case in spirit.

In the fully supplied civil service, this collapse will soon be complete. They are allowed to remain children. Selfish children who only care about themselves, since mother and father state will provide for them for the rest of their lives. They only have to learn how to animate the teat properly, then the sweet white mother’s milk will flow without end. The last thing that made them effective for others, the position, the pride to act, to create and to achieve, has dissolved into wet ashes in the social materialistic degeneration process. After all, it was only ever a lie with which man was led behind the light in order to preserve capitalist materialism.

In the „free and social market economy“ the mind still has to fight, because it needs its job provider, who is its father and mother. Offers him the teat. There he still has to prove that he is a smart child and serves the family profitably. Because otherwise… otherwise he will be cast out and will have to see for himself where he stays. And father state, the guardian of these outcast orphans, doesn’t really mean well with them either.

But here, too, the degeneration and collapse are beginning to become visible. The products and services are becoming more and more loveless, more and more unimaginative, worse and worse. Too tired to hide their intentions elaborately, they certainly let the customer see that he can eat or die. One-size-fits-all, if you can afford it. One-size-fits-all for the big ones. – Those who still have to court, they only pretend friendship on the level of worn-out amateur actors… exhausted and burnt out by this insane and life-cancer-producing game. And rabid designers designing openly deranged looking vehicles. For their deranged clientele. It doesn’t matter anyway…How is the car supposed to be? Hot hate or cold hate? Doesn’t matter anyway… The mind goes through the blender called internet, day after day, and it can’t anymore. No real clear thought. Just copy, of copy, of copy. Bad copy. Loveless copy. Oriented to hate, to harshness, to bloodthirst. Or the greasy humanity. Copied. From somewhere. Maybe from a memory. From days gone by. But probably from a thrashy TV episode. Eat or fucking die! I can’t take it anymore! Give me your money. I must buy, buy, buy! The madness, the madness, I must not see it! I must buy, buy, buy!? Where’s the sense?! There is the sense????!!!

And so they too are slowly but surely getting out. Not as brilliantly as the civil servants in Ahrweiler or in Afghanistan who were entranced in their own dreams. Or during the Corona crisis. Rather, creeping and quietly, they implode into isolated ego entities. Those who have nothing to buy suffer. Those who have, let it rip on the Andrea Doria.

And everyone knows it. Everyone knows it inside themselves that it is all just the scream, the scream from billions of insane throats who, in the face of their senseless lives, cannot look their imminent and senseless death in the face. Everyone knows that no disgusting SUV will be their salvation. No matter how big, how brutal, how bloodthirsty and nerve-wracking it may have been created. Everyone knows it from the beginning and it is now slowly breaking apart the materialistic society. Now that the mental cement has been systematically used up and the dogmatic materialist-capitalist brainwashing slogans alone are exposing themselves for what they are: As nothing but hot air. As deceivers who have brazenly and mendaciously claimed the holding power of the soul, of the feminine, exclusively for themselves and now that it is disappearing more and more from people’s consciousness, stand there like the king in his new clothes. Only that no one can laugh about it any more. They are too exhausted, the subjects. Too lonely. Too alone with themselves… It doesn’t matter anyway… Eat or die dammit! I can’t go on! Give me your money. I have to buy, buy, buy! Madness, madness, I can’t see it! I must buy, buy, buy!? Where’s the sense?! There’s the sense????!!!

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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