It is simple. It is so easy to change the way of people. They all have this path within them. And they want to go it, but they are prevented from doing so by force and treachery.

small example to illustrate this: the posters on the main roads: Don’t drive too fast! Keep your distance! Don’t play with your mobile phone! Because otherwise: Off with the arm! Off with the head! On you or the other person! – What does it matter? The worry of death. An animal thought. Primitive. Half. Without really grasping the world. ACT so and so OUT OF FEAR…. STAY in fear. Nothing more. It is never more. Nowhere in this materialistic society. In any facet. What about posters like: Why don’t you act friendly? Let the other person overtake you in peace. Take back your right for once – for your duty of partnership towards your fellow human beings. (Already too complicated for people trained according to today’s standards. So maybe:) smile for once. Do good, even in traffic. Let’s have it friendly and stress-free. We don’t have to hate each other. It will bring you a lot of joy and create a wonderful feeling in you….. There is no such thing. Or on combined footpaths and cycle paths, in parks, in the forest: signs that say: Dear cyclists: Slow down when you see pedestrians and give them time to collect their children in peace. Don’t scare them. You will get a smile and gratitude and a blessing. It will do you good. Pedestrians, watch out for the cyclists and make some space for them to pass too. That way we will all have a happy day. A positive interpersonal experience. – There’s no such thing. Funny, isn’t it? If you think about it. When you break through the hypnotic suggestion of the God-given world of violence. Once you break through the hypnotic suggestion of the God-given world of violence. So deep is the conditioning and the hypnosis already that such ideas are instinctively rejected by the decision-makers in this illusory world, for where would that lead if people suddenly realised how their hunger is to be satisfied and that it has absolutely nothing to do with material wealth or security, that fear can go in completely different ways and that freedom is something completely different from the dance of death that materialism has made them believe? That love, the love of God – I’ll write it like that now – can be experienced, attained so easily between people. „Goody-goody bullshit! We live in a meritocracy! Sounds nice and romantic, but fits better into the fairy tale lesson! „I can already hear the merciless, but from a confused mind, bullying. From hypnotised minds that no longer see much except threat, that can only think in fear and act only in struggle.

So one reads in an article about fear of the future: The Bachelor’s, the Master’s, the internship, when and how? What will happen after graduation? Straight into a job or stay at the university? All this is difficult and unpredictable. *We live in a meritocracy. And in the forest there are signs saying: Walk slowly, because in the forest you can find many solutions to your everyday and professional problems. *Unfortunately, we live in a world that is becoming more and more hectic.

The hypnosis should not be interrupted. Everyone should believe that this hell is a God-given and unchangeable law of nature. That it is out of our hands to live in love and peace.

So there must be rating systems in internet classifieds markets so that the damage is not too great. So that there is not too much cheating. DIY stores sell dummy tools that break the first time they are used. One in ten buyers complains. They make their money from the other nine who are cheated. Openly and shamelessly. What is this? Where do people get that from? 40 years ago, there was a government campaign. „Hello partner, thank you!“ it was called. With stickers for cars and campaigns for partnership in road traffic. Only in partnership. Not even in a sympathetic, brotherly, loving or otherwise good-human way. Simply in partnership. Such an action would be unthinkable today. Such a sticker on the ego SUV? Perhaps out of sarcasm, out of malice, as a wicked joke. Just like there are people who call their yacht Hartz IV. Such an action seems cute from today’s perspective. That’s how much the hypnosis sits and you shake your head reprovingly: „We live in a meritocracy. You can’t do that any more. This is said in a very detached way. Without illusions with regard to the prevailing circumstances and the resulting mindset. And it is not said in a complaining way. Only stating. Simply as a cool emotionless conclusion. The output of a calculating machine. Or of a lifelong forced labourer with no prospect of reprieve. No war weighs on society and yet it has become so hard on itself and everyone else. No war? Or always war? Inside society? Society rolls its way in complete obfuscation in only one direction. Laws now only serve to keep the damage from becoming too great for the people, left so hungrily alone, hypnotised and alienated from themselves. The cars are getting fatter and fatter, everyone has a black electric bike to go fast, fast, faster. People are already walking so fast that the only thing that can follow is running. Will walking soon be accelerated by electricity? Because one thing is clear: stagnation or even slower: that is no longer conceivable. Nothing good, nothing true is conceivable any more. The channel has become so narrow for people. Yet it is so simple. Instead of considering introducing „economics“, i.e. madness itself, as a school subject nationwide, the focus could be on life as a whole. All religions have the same inner truth. None preaches violence. To convey these eternal truths clearly, sustainably, consciously, actively and consistently already to children, better: to let them recognise them within themselves. , improves this world, gives people the chance again for a free, happy, knowing and all-embracing life…. Only… What then does capitalist materialism do? When everyone is fearless, healthy and free? The question answers itself. It has outlived its usefulness and people will later look back with incomprehension on this strange primitive phase of our human history.

The day before yesterday I was in a forest. There is a small bench made of planks under a rocky outcrop. Please do not destroy. Höhlen Verein e. V.‘ is engraved there in square letters. The last time I was at this place was ten years ago. And the same bench was there then. It has not been trampled on or burnt down (although it has been seen that there is the occasional party under the ledge). It is simple. It is so easy to change the way of the people. They all have that path in them. And they want to go it, but are kept from doing so by force and guile.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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