It is a time that is coming to its end.

When the suffering in people becomes too great, the search for the perpetrators turns outwards. They search and search – and find. Even if it is only a person on the same side of the pavement. Or the weather (whether sunny or rainy). Or someone who likes violets more than roses. No matter. The anger then has its target and it can be hated for the most trivial of reasons. Suffering has an apparent outlet.

Simone has fled to Spain. Lives there. And hates the English, Dutch and Germans who live there, the tourists, the cyclists and the Spanish weather in winter.

It’s hard to hate with me. It’s difficult in the long run for people who are very, very deep in suffering. I can’t help them throw their suffering onto other people or circumstances. They can usually hold it together for a few days, but then they become restless. Then the pile-up of suffering has to be released back into anger at the outside.

As for the weather, I’m still going along with it. Below 20 degrees and only clear to cloudy: that’s not the Spanish weather we’ve booked. Simone can let off steam, suffer… And then calm down again. The suffering had to go somewhere.

But then: suddenly. Suddenly full sun and 30 degrees. Simone’s ideal weather. And her mood: at rock bottom. Full depressive irritability. Now nothing is okay any more. The only outlet for her suffering has gone. The weather is top.

Now I have to be careful. Do I look at the clock? Why? Do I go to bed a little earlier. Why? I express as few opinions as possible now. Otherwise, it is me who will be lynched. And if it’s just for remaining positively neutral, amicable, and not going in for Simone’s rage.

Simone develops such an all-hating aura around herself that she falls and breaks her hip. Shortly before, she had honked and shouted at a group of cyclists in her Mercedes because, in her opinion, they were not riding sensibly on the road. Anyone who has ever been honked at unprotected and unexpectedly by a Mercedes knows what acoustic hatred is. It makes your heart stop. It goes through the marrow and the bone.
Last year it was Simone’s back. She was out of action for a year.

Simone is a very sensitive person. Finished in the merciless materialism. At the end with the world and herself. In a minute when she wants to extend her game to me, I address everything openly. There is a lot of denial and rejection. But it helps. I ask for trust. And the human being in Simone can show itself again. Strives to change the perception of the world. To stop letting suffering take your life away.

I hope it lasts and helps her to leave suffering behind.

So much suffering in people. And they all turn their anger and hatred outwards. In groups, in states. Everywhere people are and everywhere it is the same when they are lonely and lost. And the media feed and feed people with suffering and fear…. Are man-made, after all.

It is a time that is coming to its end. When everyone is so stuck in their delusional suffering that everything that is perceivable is hateful at the same time, then nothing can exist here anymore.

Katja, for example, hates the sun. And the rain and the snow. And the heat. And the cold. She can always hate. Very practical. „Can’t it always be partly cloudy and 20 degrees?“ she asks. The paradisiacal middle. Everything tepid. Then nothing rubs against the sore being any more. And if it were there, the paradisiacal middle: nothing else would be allowed to rub against Katja. And if nothing else were there, then one’s own mind would still be there. The producer and beneficiary of suffering.

There is no hope like that. Only a change of consciousness towards a spiritual perception of the world can save people… Less intellect, more spiritual knowledge of meaning.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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