It is a law of nature that man can limit his expansion. Can find the middle

It is a law of nature. The volcano spews ash and lava until it runs out of energy.

The supernova expands until its energy is spent.

Human materialism expands until it has used up all its energy. – And man can generate energy from all things. – Until everything is used up. To the end in itself of spreading or appropriation.

But it is a law of nature that man can limit this expansion. He can find the middle.

If he does not, then the end of humanity and the complete consumption of the earth is predetermined by natural law.

Computers are getting faster and faster. The cars faster and faster, ever higher acceleration. Bicycles, electro-enhanced, faster and faster, pedestrians mutating into scooter riders, faster and faster. Acting faster and faster. Respond faster and faster. Deciding faster and faster.

It is the energy of an avalanche of boulders that has been sliding for a long, long time and is now inexorably picking up speed, taking everything with it into the abyss. According to the law of pure materialism.

The soul, that which is at rest, is extinct. Nothing can stop the infernal journey.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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