Oneness in pain or oneness in the meaning

Today I have understood the essence of distance.

I did not understand before why most spiritual teachers maintain a distant relationship with their students. To me, this separation always appeared as an act of exaltation. As a separation in a realm where only unity should exist. My attitude has always been to show people that I am not special. That I am like them and everyone has the same potential. I considered distance between equals inappropriate.

Today I have realized what „being the same“ as me means for the person in materialism. For the human being in materialism „being the same“ with me means a „being the same“ in pain. I have recognized that my wish, namely to show us all as equals in our common divine power, cannot be fulfilled in this way. Man in materialism often cannot acquire this view. He can realize his desire for equality and union, for understanding, only on the level to which he is accustomed. This level is that of pain. Consequently, he tries to look for the pain in me and thus constructs a „sameness“. But I don’t have his pain and realize that we are only moving on the level of ego, mind and opinions, because the level defined by man is that of the common pain he presupposes. Nothing can be achieved on this level and I am forced, if I do not want to fight on the level of opinions, to leave this relationship.

The fault lies with me, because I have propagated equality without understanding that man in materialism cannot realize it just like that, but out of habit and lack of self-experienced possibilities takes what his mind has to offer him as an alternative. And this is a „we in suffering“ and not the „we together in God“ I meant.

The detached teacher practices detachment in the earthly and upholds unity in the spiritual. In this way he keeps the mind of the students from going astray and yet nourishes them as his equals. A „being like“ also on the level of the mind is possible for me only with people who have already overcome their pain, who have already emancipated their mind and for whom the „being like in pain“ is no longer an alternative. I understood that today. After quite a long time.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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