Unity in hatred – Trump FAN

„I’m a Trump FAN.“ Claudia says, a snake-like, unmoving gaze fixed on me, a fixed smile on her face that would make anyone’s blood run cold if they looked closely.“ – Good.“ I say. After a second of silence, in which I had to sort out my thoughts a little. „How does the cake taste?“ I ask. Any further words to her statement would be pointless. Anyone who says that is firm, rock solid and steely in their opinion.

Claudia has lived with her partner for decades, is vegan, loves nature and is an animal rights activist. She lives in a terraced house and is in deep hatred of anything male, loud, dominant, carnivorous and abusive of woman, child or animal.

How can someone like her be a Trump FAN? A fan of someone who embodies everything that makes Claudia hate abysmally?!

The answer is simple. It is the hatred itself with which she identifies with Trump. It is the disconnect that Trump is in and that he orchestrates without ceasing and fuels at all levels.

Claudia belongs to the people made soul distant. One of those people whose soul perception of oneness has been severely damaged by living in a soulless and loveless system. She has experienced a great deal of separation, rejection, despair, fear and anger and so she is filled with antagonism – like Trump – and also a victim of overpowering forces that want to destroy her – as Trump also says about himself. She knows deep within herself her flaw, her damage, that she can no longer connect with the world in love but only perceives separation and therefore can only rage and hate and knows it is no different with Trump.

It is unity in hate that unites them. And when he points his finger at them and says, „Actually, they don’t want me. They want YOU!“, then Claudia can nod and say, „Yes, Donald, that’s right. We’re not going to let them get us down. We are right after all. As long as we confirm this to each other, we are right and our hatred is justified. We are not evil or bad people. We won’t let those sneaky snakes tell us that. We are in a battle against the dark forces that want to destroy us. We see it. But these sheep don’t. We want to save the world.“

  • A few days earlier I read an article that scientists now want to look into the question of what kind of people it is who categorically stand by Trump, no matter what he does or commits. I can tell the psychologists: it is the souls made far away. The people who know that they are in themselves what is socially generally called evil or bad or at least „not good“. Who no longer know anything about love and devotion because they can no longer actually feel life. And are ostracised for it in one way or another.

To them Trump says: „You are like me. And you are good! And I am good! I have the power and I give you all absolution. The bad guys, they are these do-gooders. The only thing they want is to put us in a corner and point their fingers at us and shake their lying heads at us. That we have a guilty conscience. That’s how they want to steer us and dominate us and make us weak and in the end destroy us! But we don’t go along with that! We are good as we are. And we fight everything, because in reality everything is against us! And I give you the mission with which you can justify your hatred even better.“

And so then she stands up. The zombie army of the no-more-feeling, the only-self-pain-feeling, and unites on the one, one point, the only point that makes up their lives at all: Their lonely pain and the resulting abysmal hatred of the world. And that is where victim and perpetrator meet in the hysterical circle dance of pain, fear, anger and hatred to destroy what is not like them.

The merciless capitalist system gives birth to its children. And is meanwhile turning pale with fear. And the representatives of the system don’t have the faintest clue what is actually going wrong here.

Claudia is better off. Not because of the capitalist system. The authorities mercilessly fire new broadsides at the rest of her mental health week after week. She can’t go on. She is on sick leave and wants to take disability pension. She has to. But it’s not that easy. The system has to take a lot of revenge first if someone wants to say goodbye so easily.
It was a therapist who saved her. With love. With acceptance. With trust. With dedication…. This is how you save lost people.

Capitalism somehow can’t do all that, can it? It gives birth to Trumps and his children.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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