A long, very inspired – and unanswered – email to our federal MPs

Sometimes other perspectives can lead to completely new insights. Perhaps I can offer some of you such a new perspective on our society….

My writing programme says about my following text: 8.5 hours editing time and about 18 minutes reading time.

Perhaps you will give it a chance today or in the next few days. I would be very pleased.

Dear Members of Parliament,

I would like to bring something to your attention.

I do not want to lecture you in any way, but I would like to say it. At least it is out in the world. Perhaps my point of view will be new to some of you and help you to change your perception of our social conditions. Sometimes we only stir our own porridge – and are not in a position to recognise the simplest things. No Corona. That’s a promise. Or as little as possible. At the moment, this topic cannot be completely excluded.

As I said, I don’t know if you know this, but most people, the vast majority, can’t stand capitalism. They get sick of it. Physically and mentally. They become ill in their attempts to bend to its loveless, merciless, inhuman and increasingly harsh rules as best they can to save their naked lives, or to evade it, to save their humanity, as far as they are at all able.

Many people – the overwhelming majority in our society – are also already so conditioned that they themselves no longer perceive anything at all of these hopeless struggles they are forced to wage day after day, and only wonder helplessly why they are getting sicker and sicker, unhappier and unhappier, angrier and angrier. – And then they buy and argue, because that is supposed to help, they were taught. And they quietly ask themselves, sometimes, why all this buying and fighting can’t heal their pain either…. But they rarely think that, because they are afraid of appearing weak. Of themselves and of the so just social, capitalist judgement.

So very few are the ones who really enjoy the argument. In the separation. In the massive assertion of their own views, opinions and goals. In fighting; who only feel when they are fighting, when they are in rage. Who never give in, who always go for it. Until the other person lies defeated on the ground. And who only then feel satisfaction. But these few are the ones who, in their self-image, only strive for personal influence and power. And in this sense they powerfully shape a world of struggle and fear.

Satisfied in the struggle, they are. Vital. Provoke the fights themselves. With lust. And they are satisfied, in high spirits, when the other lies defeated on the ground. The male rules them. They are completely ignorant of the feminine, the source of everything – it is also the source of the masculine, also of its… -. Ignorant and helpless, handicapped in surrendering, in uniting, in bearing, in accepting…. in loving. They are always afraid – for themselves and only themselves, and their opinion – and therefore only know the fight. They are always afraid that someone might suddenly come along who could simply crush them. Thus, for them, the world is full of opponents – and temporary alliances determined by the respective benefits.

Now you, dear MPs, are not in one of the highest positions of power for nothing. You must have sought this position deliberately, and in this country you cannot get to your position with feminine, spiritual attributes. You know that very well. And you are fine with it and so it is perhaps completely far from your mind that anyone would not want to live like that. Or can’t live that way. Let’s not even assume wantonness – I can already hear „ingratitude!“ hissing there -. That someone cannot be half. And cannot live in a world where only the masculine, self-interest and violence rule. Where the feminine is well needed – after all, the whole crazy game would immediately come to shame without it – but is kept small and officially marginalised, where it is claimed that the twitching of muscles is the only thing that brings salvation, in the end. Blindly, in ignorance of reality.

As representatives and beneficiaries of this system, it is inevitably part of your qualifications not to recognise such things. If you could, well, you probably wouldn’t be where you are now. The same goes for business leaders, they are just the other variety of maximum personal power in capitalist societies.

This is the paradox, the vicious circle in which people are trapped in capitalist materialism, the destructive masculine system. The leaders love struggle. So they create a world of struggle…. Business against business, interest groups against interest groups, man against man. And the toughest fighters, they become the new leaders. Even tougher than their predecessors. Even more narrowly focused in their fragmented perception of the world as a battlefield. Even more efficient in their grinding down of the coming generation for use by capitalism. And they simply don’t know any better….

Or do they? Or do they? Or do you know better and just act against it?

Two years ago, in the beginning of the pandemic, I met some good people (I didn’t agree with their views, but that doesn’t exclude that they were good people. There are levels beyond opinion on which man is connected. He just has to practice finding them). Well. They wanted to demonstrate and made posters. I didn’t want to go, but said, „Why don’t you write ‚Trust through openness‘?“ They looked at me long and seriously and then one asked, „Who are you addressing? The politicians?“ „Yes,“ I said, „Of course. The politicians.“ ‚Who else?“ I thought to myself. He smiled gently at me, with a firm look, and said, „No. You don’t need to address them. They know exactly what they’re doing.“ So he said.

I, on the other hand, don’t think, still don’t think, that you really know what you’re doing. That’s not about Corona at all. It’s just a symptom. Just a current occasion that makes the conditions in this world a little more obvious.

The fact that a lot of people hold you capable of a lot and that a lot of people who hold you capable of everything – really everything – , that should bother each of you and make you brood sleeplessly, but whoever likes to fight and has a good position, knows only one way in such cases. That of victory over the other. Over the one in the weaker position. Even if he is his protégé. But that does not create salvation. And victories are not permanent. So it is easy for Mr Palmer to want to chastise thousands of people under his command with an administrative act, to bring them into line, to want to solve the problem by threatening pain with a fine. Without regard to the feelings and motives of the people he so carelessly commands. It could be done with a click. If only the law were finally put into his hands! – And then one looks in amazement at the increasing hatred… The hatred of those from whom politics expects them to demonstrate peacefully outside in the cold in their worries and fears – for which they are responsible – so that they do not disturb us and we can continue to ignore them inside in the warmth – as has always been the cultivated and pleasant custom – and perhaps even – incidentally – insult them publicly. This is the inhumanity of the spirit of capitalism, of materialism, of technical solutions…. How are these people, in their increasing fear and disorientation (which is always – always! – is due to the capitalist predator-prey ideology) turn to you with confidence? Is it not clear then that the lonely helpless person has at some point exceeded his pain threshold? When he realises that his silence will not make anyone accept him (really, not with hollow words, with trickery and lies) in his fear? When he realises that he is no longer even a number in the merciless game of battle-loving top players circling only around themselves? That is how insignificant he is, and that is how it is openly and shamelessly demonstrated to him. That he could starve himself to death in front of parliament and no one would move an inch towards him…. in true humanity. Mr Palmer’s public statement is only one recent example. One example among an infinite number in which the dehumanisation, the reduction of the human being to either a usefully functioning or defective and thus to be worked on object in the capitalist-political system is evident. This is just one example among an infinite number that makes it clear what is meant when people feel a dictatorship. They feel its dehumanisation, its reduction to a technical factor that, in case of doubt, simply has to be recalibrated so that it keeps running and running. Or which, in case of doubt, is simply put out of operation. Against its will. And their helpless abandonment in the face of it. There is no need to play dumb and produce great indignation and outrage at the word dictatorship. Everyone understands what is meant by the term. The depressed person does not need to be reminded of his own powerlessness yet again by the side that has the power, by this conscious unwillingness to understand. „Cynical“ is what politicians like to say. And „indecent“ is also a phrase one likes to utter.

The search for causes can be painful. But closing one’s eyes to one’s own responsibility and inflicting pain on others without remorse, especially as their guardian, cannot be the solution. We are seeing this parallel and glaringly illuminated in the Catholic official church. People thought they could do anything. With impunity. Without consequences and in full knowledge of their lack of conscience… A glaring spotlight on the monstrous excesses of uncontrolled power and helpless dependence. The victims also demonstrated peacefully, in person, in the bishops‘ offices…. Didn’t help, somehow… They were ridiculed. Turned from victims into perpetrators… Mechanisms that every sincere person with power honestly has to examine himself again and again.

Now the ailing system of the official church is destroyed. Because of people who without conscience only followed their urges and people who covered it up. They all either closed their eyes to reality or seriously thought that it could go on indefinitely… Responsible people who should never have had power over even a single human being.

The Minister of Health quotes Kant, so I say: read von Kleist. Read his Kohlhaas. All those who want to lead must decide: The Prince or Michael Kohlhaas. Both teach something… Maybe Kohlhaas teaches some people to stick more to Machiavelli. That can happen too, unfortunately… Not so rare, I fear….

The people who are standing up now are in pain. No matter what spectrum they are recruited from. The few agitators who would simply like to sit in your place at the tables of power, we can safely disregard them. For now. This suffering is the fault of the politics in whose care the sufferers are. Because it is a capitalist policy. And capitalism knows no life, no being one, no female. It only knows itself and that at any price. We see it everywhere in this precious world: at any price.

Politics must point to itself, accuse itself and not the people for whom it has not been able to create a safe home, a place of peace, community and love – for which it would also have needed the mother, the female… For that is what everyone thirsts for in this world of prescribed, imposed self-interest. – „Then they have to perform! Do it themselves! Be a doer! Then you create your own home. With a picket fence around it.“ That is the credo of capitalism, the insane one. If everyone has to run, then even if everyone were super racers, there are always those who run better than the others. They get what they want, and the others are alimented and marginalised. What does that mean if you don’t want to sit in the gutter? Run, run, faster and faster. And then the others again! Race, race, faster and faster. Until you collapse. Until no one can run faster. Everybody against everybody else. And for what? To have and not be marginalised. Is that how it’s supposed to be? The racer gets because he happens to be good at running and the brother, the fellow human being does not? Gets disrespect and exclusion? What kind of vision of humanity is that? And what if nobody can actually stand this running against each other? When everyone would actually prefer to step into greatness in friendship with each other, but are driven to the race, forced hopelessly? What is the race to the death for? Life given? Capitalism is the beneficiary, the senseless, the fruitless one. It eats it up, this so senselessly and fruitlessly wasted life force of the people.

I have met great people. The world could use them. But they sit in the gutter. In daily struggle and daily humiliation without shelter. They have nothing for capitalism to use. So it throws them away. It cannot kill them – here. But make it difficult for them, make their lives miserable. Those who are of no use to him. They who only c o s t . According to his primitive calculation. He can take revenge on those who refuse him. Who cannot race. But who can perhaps fly like an eagle. Those from another world. But capitalism does not need them. No one should look at the madness from above. All should stumble along, senseless and in fear of the racer on the side track. And of death, which always casts a shadow behind them, which they try to ignore with narrowed eyes in a breathless chase and only want to believe capitalism, which says: „Run, run! Only run diligently. Serve me! Then you will live forever.“ People, lonely trapped in utter madness. Without meaning. Without a clue to their real greatness.

When the masculine now cries out, „Community, now! Solidarity!“ then this is only the word of the lonely father pursuing a technical goal and not the unifying, accepting love of the mother. It is the awkward command, the spasmodically attempted and pathetically failed search for connection of a sergeant who has realised that he can no longer get anywhere by shouting. But who, apart from shouting and breaking teeth, has learned nothing else in his poor life.

And it is not a gift. Not an omniscient gift from himself to the panic-stricken, made lonely all their lives…. To you, dear delegates, this pain of loneliness may certainly seem peculiar, yet you probably no longer notice your loneliness, for you are suited for it, live in it as normality. Have you voted and risen in it to the very top. Rise and grow in this world of lone warriors and eternal struggle. Man, however, is not made for this loneliness. He suffers in the capitalist compulsion to daily lonely struggle against his neighbour. From the forced suppression of his deep love for life and creation. And from the imparted meaninglessness of his life.

You bear the responsibility for every human being in suffering and every human being in hatred, for both would not have to be in this state had they not been damaged by the hatred of capitalism, of materialism.

The merciless black wave of racket, of lies and deceit, of inhumanity, of mercilessness and, above all, of unconscionability with which capitalism ravished the unsuspecting, fully openly brother and sister expecting people in the new German states three decades ago is perhaps still present to some as a small example. It left nothing. Everything was devoured by it. Nothing is allowed to exist alongside it, if it is not for its benefit. Anyone who travels to these countries today and has a little feeling still sees, wherever they look, the great bloody, gaping wound of this monstrous rape. But it is concealed. The finger of blame is still pointed at victims who do not function adequately in a capitalist way.

The constant reference to the democratic constitutional state is a smokescreen with which you blind yourself and also the people. It is a capitalist-democratic capitalist-law state in which we live. Prevented by laws only from gobbling up everything immediately without restraint. Do not think that the laws served the people. They serve to preserve the capitalist system. Because it needs calm consuming and producing, reproducing units. To perpetuate an all-destroying, all-consuming, dead vicious circle serving nothing and no one in absolute futility.

The much quoted prosperity, it does not serve the people. You can see how ill people become in spite of it. It is a necessary factor with regard to the production and consumption function of human beings for the maintenance of soulless capitalism. If it could be dispensed with, you can be sure – or you already know it yourself anyway: The capitalist decision-makers would abolish it immediately. MiniMax principle. Without remorse or remorse of conscience. Looking perplexed if they were to be accused of it…. „Think properly!“ they might still throw at you crudely. Man serves the system and not vice versa…. Even the economic leader or the much-mentioned Gates and Soros, they themselves only serve, blinded, an insane, profit-maximising worldview that unconsciously yearns for death – when the senselessness, the pain of loneliness is finally, finally over! – a world view that is grounding.

And you, dear members of parliament, are the executive organs of capitalism. Whether you like it or not, because it is the all-pervading struggle. It is the ideological basis of all action here. Thus, the people who are now no longer resting dutifully are not opponents of the democratic rule of law, they are victims of capitalist dogma and are fighting against its dehumanisation. They trust capitalism with everything. Every outrage. And rightly so. After all, it is conscienceless and soulless. And they point at you. Who else should they point at? And you lack any capacity to be one, to love, to accept… To heal. And it would be your task. And instead you shout: „All enemies of the democratic order! Of the rule of law! Treat them with police force!“ – – Crazy, isn’t it? Such a crazy situation is maintained….

I hope that these insights from this angle are somewhat new to you. And that I am right and not the above-mentioned good people, who believe that it has all been clear to you for a long time and that you let the world run like this into suffering and despair with willfulness, the good people who have already given up on you and who have nothing more to say to you.

But when you see how stoically and unmoved people’s expressed pain is repeatedly sat out by you in a distanced manner and – for lack of alternative actions – fought and threatened…. Well…

It will certainly be difficult for you in particular. You who, like the business leaders, have found your way through struggle and strife and partisanship: overcome the masculine dogma you have relied on and invoked so far. You have been persuaded that it is everything. Look for answers in the feminine, in the soul. It is the source of everything. And just because it is dormant does not mean that it is powerless.

You cannot allow yourself to continue to pick at the world according to capitalist-materialist premises and to believe that this would have even the slightest chance of success, in your responsibility for tens of millions – ultimately billions – of destinies. You should not allow yourself even a single selfish thought, since you have chosen such a responsible position. If you do not learn to accept, to love and to surrender, then this world can no longer be saved. And if you learn it, then there is no more fear for you. Then you are capable of healing the world against all odds. Because then you are whole and you know that you personally do not matter. That you have chosen to serve humanity, the whole of creation for healing…. And with that, with that truthfulness, you can lead and you will receive jubilant, faithful followers.

I will tell you the secret: the earth is the system. It is to it that we must adapt our being.

The idea that we can integrate the earth into the capitalist suicide system as an exploitable, exhaustible resource and get away with it is erroneous. Not even the most bare survival will be possible in the long run this way. And the economy. Well, the economy, it can then cover itself with its dead things, which it has so manically cut out of the earth and grabbed for itself and then exchanged for tin and paper…. And their lobby too… And so do those who have been lobbied. When it’s all over, who will still be looking for those responsible? One can certainly speculate on that. When ultimately – in materialism – everything doesn’t matter anyway and only eternal death awaits you at the end of a purposeless life. Isn’t that so?

Change, according to the law, only and exclusively you can change something. You alone. That is why you must become whole and bring about change. If you don’t, the Trumps will rise and the pent-up pain of the people will turn against their scourge, capitalism. And since this state represents and protects capitalism, turn against the state and their representatives.

So I doubt that normality is valued by all as Mr. Health Minister believes it to be. Only the top players are likely to value this normality, which forces its way into reality at the expense of the others, the humane ones. The others, the exhausted racers, know nothing but the rush on their track, into futility. They only want the familiar back. The old fear is enough for them. They can routinely numb it. If only the additional one would leave. They haven’t been brought up to have eagle visions for a long time. It would be too dangerous… They have no capacity left for thoughts besides the race. They are allowed to numb the pain with everything the m a r k e t has to offer. That ensures peace and c o n s u m p t i o n. How infernally clever!

And as seen in the new countries: Resistance is futile. It is mercilessly wiped out. It continues stoically and untouched, over all resistance, like a machine, until the cherished normality of the half, those without eternal feminine, spiritual knowledge, fills the world everywhere. Until the wretched struggle for one’s own advantage has soiled the last corner of the earth, the last human being. There must be nothing but H I M.

I have left socialist materialism aside for the moment. It no longer plays a role as the inferior materialist system. After all, it was devoured by its brother before it could tear him apart itself.

„Without God and sunshine, we reap the harvest.“ That is how it was once sung there… There was no love there either, no acceptance in the system. No womanhood, no soulfulness. It was a senseless cycle of another inhuman kind…. Dehumanised people blindly in step, forced into material community, facing dehumanised people blindly trundling downwards in their loneliness, sold to them as the highest, as freedom and individuality, in forced egoism and unnatural struggle against their neighbour. All disembodied, separated from their mother by force, so that they can never become truly powerful. So that they remain machines and function without complaint in the senseless cycle of materialism.

This also concerns you, dear delegates….

When I was a child, they said capitalism was not perfect, but it was the best we had.

It is not. It is the worst. Nothing sucks out everything as efficiently as it does. That is why it has won. He brings together all that is bad, all that is destructive in this world. On principle and by design. Devised long ago with simple formulas by a few cold calculators far from the soul. And gratefully and eagerly adopted by some lonely and unfeeling. ‚All just for me. At any price! And I’ll beat the next one, if he still wants something. Everything only for me. At any price! ‚ that is the song with which the world has been driving to destruction for over a hundred years. For the capitalist doctrine, this is an easily acceptable price. Nothing lives for it anyway. Everything is just a dead factor for use or accumulation. Life is not in any of its equations.

If you think you are serving democracy and thus the people and have capitalism under control – if you think that at all… -you are probably wrong. Capitalism with its dead mechanisms has long since permeated everything, including you. You serve it. And thus not the people.

The mature, widely educated, independent citizen that a democracy needs does not fit into a capitalist system that demands uniformly and reliably functioning machines. Democracy and capitalism do not go together. The responsible citizen has been turned into a frightened and dependent worker. And politics and business make common cause. So the die has long been cast in favour of capitalism. To the detriment of democracy and to the detriment of humanity. To the detriment of human beings who, were they fear free and knowing of their feminine power, could be so much more than fearful raiders of dead things.

Go to your mother, kneel at her feet, put your ear to her breast and feel her heart. That which you feel there, that is not the exception. That is the feeling that permeates the world. The security in your mind. The security in life – and also in death. Security reaches all people equally. It is the key, not fear and violence. Those who do not have this security within them are not allowed to rule over the fate of a single human being. He causes immeasurable damage to the world. Security is the basic human feeling. The basic feeling of the world. That it is fear is a lie. It comes from those who do not develop their feminine power, who are lonely and lash out in fear if even a single shadow appears in the corner of their eye. These are the ones who have to rap, who blindly and unceasingly beat the world more and more into iron rings with the capitalist dogma of maximum profit. They create the world of infinite fear with their infinite fear.

Read Tolstoy’s or Dostoevsky’s words in the face of their death. There you stand before human greatness and wholeness. Then perhaps you will realise to what a miserable, undignified and wasted life of greed and fear and mortal dread and unnatural struggle with their brothers and sisters people are most shamefully condemned in capitalist materialism. To what an army of millions of cunningly anxious poor hucksters‘ souls, trembling for their advantage and their discount, they have been made. And to what human greatness, so much serving creation and their true selves, they might attain were it not for this crime of the millennium perpetrated against them.

So I thank you for your time. I would be happy to read from you.

If you would like to ask me to refrain from sending you further unsolicited mails because you really have more important things to do than read any nonsense from persons who seem to have a little too much time and imagination, then you need not write to me specially. I know that well and I apologise to you for the trouble my mail has caused you and promise you will never hear anything from me again without being asked.

But if you feel inspired, not in a party-political way, but as a human being, as a being with his own feelings and conscience, please feel free to share your thoughts with me. Don’t be afraid. They will not be „exposed“. I have no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, no blog. Am not cross- or otherwise engaged. No one reads your words but me – and possibly I tell my wife a few sentences. If I want to talk to her about it.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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