The surprise of politicians at the radicalisation of many people in the Corona period

Whoever is in suffering looks around and searches for a cause. And he sees a world in which everyone sees only his own advancement at the expense of others. Socially set up and accepted. Seen as the motor of social development (naturally ignoring the astonished question of where development should lead under such guidelines).

Thus he, the sufferer, sees only a system in which the one takes everything for himself by inflicting suffering on the other.

And he sees the representatives of the political class who carry the whole system of the struggle of everyone against everyone else. After all, they are at the top and among the greatest beneficiaries of the prevailing circumstances. And they would be the only ones who could put an end to this state of affairs. They could put an end to his suffering. But as supporters and maintainers of the system, they are also its disciples. So the sufferer believes that the political class changes nothing and lets him and so many others suffer because they follow the system’s rules of pathetic self-interest and find their nefarious advantage in people’s suffering or at least accept it as a side effect in the satisfaction of their personal cravings for pleasure, possessions and power.

Now the representatives of the political class are completely surprised that the suffering has spread almost to their heights, that the struggle has already arrived in their front gardens. Looking at this surprise, one can only conclude that the politicians thought that the bashing and stabbing, the suffering and the resulting struggle that they are keeping alive would not concern them. They do not seem to have understood that the system includes them. That they are also only factors in the „all against all“ and not the rulers. Factors in high places, to be sure, but not out of reach of the seething pain of the people. It only needs to be stirred up enough. And the capitalist system, under the protection of politics, stirs it up without ceasing.

So now politicians look on in utter amazement at the rising extremism and at the hatred born of suffering for them as guardians and preservers, as beneficiaries, of a system based on the uncompromising subjugation of one for the personal benefit of another.

Absurd isn’t it. Did they really think the rules of the system did not apply to them. Did they really think they would only be thrown cotton wool by the other factors of the system; through lovely voting every few years and nice demonstrating. While they sweat more and more in the mercilessness and coldness of capitalism.

Absurd, isn’t it? You breed millions of fighting dogs, mad with suffering, in your backyard for decades and are completely surprised when they no longer just tear each other apart but jump through the windows to somehow put an end to this suffering inflicted on them.

It is the result of a fuelled move towards ever greater lovelessness. And always, always, at every level, the beneficiary believes he can tighten the screws further and further, unite more and more power, more and more things, and the sufferers will continue to bear their ever-increasing suffering without complaint until infinity. The pipe dream, the fevered fantasy of a mind that knows nothing but separation, that completely lacks the knowledge of unity, of the feminine, of the spiritual. What should he do, who only knows the principle of total self-interest? He has no alternative course of action. Sucking out to the death is inevitably the only concept that can exist in his consciousness.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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