The mortal gods

The divine power of nature offered us its gifts freely in the past (and as it still does for the largest part of the animal and plant world). She was silent. She was reserved. Waiting. Everything lay there for us to come and take. Nature waited silently for our appearance or our non-appearance. For her there was no difference.

The new „divine“ forces – the companies – that offer us their „gifts“ no longer do so in restraint and silent acceptance of what and who may come. Our appearance or non-appearance is of vital interest to them, because the companies are in competition with each other. They act out of fear of losing their share of „divinity“ to the other companies and having to close up store. They fear losing their power. They fear death.

Whereas nature used to be only one and inexhaustible and selfless in its giving, companies are many and limited in their „power to perform“ and quite exhaustible. They are anxious to receive from us again and again the greatest possible share of new energy for self-preservation in the form of money or – on another level – in the form of manpower. Better said, they are anxious to obtain this share of energy through lies and deception. By advertising. In doing so, they manipulate people with the pretense of satisfying material needs such as love, security, power and fear through products.

Thus, for the Divine Power of Nature, we were her children, who were allowed to feed at her breast without a care. We „paid“ by our life, by our simple existence, which fitted into the natural cycles and thus contributed to the fact that the creation could circle, pulsate in harmony. We were ourselves a part of this power and this was the framework in which we took and gave.

However, since the new „divine gift givers“ are not divine power, but only earthly and, to make matters worse, completely materially oriented „beings,“ we are only prey for them to divide up. Food. We are vital for their isolated existence as suppliers of energy, as suppliers of money, whose only cycle consists in taking the energy (the money) from the human being, which he has received for his life force by working in another company, by sneaky trickery in as high a degree as possible, in order to be in as big an advantage as possible over the other „divine gift givers“. Here we are also part of a system, but it does not nourish us. It uses us for the selfish purposes of its new apparent „gods“. For the purposes of mortal and lonely sham gods who fear nothing so much as their death.

Now, of course, there is competition in nature. That is not to be denied. The survival instinct in the form of the fear of physical destruction determines the material actions on all levels. So then the enterprises are also to follow this principle absolutely and to look for their survival-important advantage over the other enterprises. The decisive factor, however, which lets these enterprises become bloodthirsty world destroyers, is that they do not place themselves thereby into the cycles of the divine power of nature, but claim the divine position themselves. They want to make themselves and the money the basis of everything, where nothing more reaches under or over it and whose principle has divine validity for them. They thus elevate the material struggle for survival and egoism to the divine principle.

But the divine power of nature itself does not know the competition, because it is only the One. It does not have to make the survival instinct its principle, because it is immortal. It stands nourishingly above – or below – all and serves creation selflessly, inexhaustibly and without prejudice. It is the source of all giving. If our system of business and money were connected to this source and allowed itself to be carried and shielded by divine power, we would all still be safe in the natural cycles. The definition of business, productivity, success and money would then be completely different.

It is just that the system has gotten rid of this source and the basis of all action and the superstructure of all activity is the company and its inherent principle of competitive destruction and the fearful survival instinct. The principle is the fear of death. They have banished the eternal divine, sustaining, shielding and nurturing (and fearless…) force from their system and put themselves and the banks in its place. Thus, in this world, there is no longer an inexhaustible and selfless donor to whom all beings could fall back in their struggle for material survival. The only thing people now fall back on when they seek a nurturing breast is not the quiet, accepting, neutral and nurturing divine power of nature, but the cold and mendacious fear system of the banks and corporations, which first take vigorously and as much as they can in order to then give people as little as possible in return. After all, they have to act that way. In contrast to a real inexhaustible divine power, the companies have to feed on those who trustingly – or forcedly – turn to them, in order to be able to survive themselves. As mortal beings, they must „collect“ more than they give out.

Since this system is completely compartmentalized, man has no choice but to accept what is offered to him at the price and the rules that are imposed on him. He cannot fall further back, because there is nothing further in this system behind the money and the enterprises with their goods, where he could let himself fall. If he seeks protection from the wolves, he can only turn to the hyenas. But the hyenas themselves – since they have replaced the Divine power of nature by themselves – have nothing more, to which they could stick, than themselves. Hence the thought that with death everything is over. If there is nothing more behind the hyenas and the hyenas die, then in this thinking everything is necessarily over for them. If one is the god himself and one can die, what should still be there that could catch one?

The inexhaustible Divine power of nature has been cut off in capitalistic materialism and replaced by a fallible and incomplete principle which has to extract its energy – completely ungodly – from the other beings in order to be able to exist itself. Therefore the new „gods“ have to advertise with much energy expenditure and cunning and loudness and dazzling tam-tam.

There, where the human being has no more choice for whose product he decides – workers and consumers in the third world countries for example – this Tam-Tam can fall out of course completely. There the mortal „God“ can feed directly and without detours on the people, so that he could escape the death through them as long as possible. There the drunken would-be god, who himself is caught in the so worldly spell of the survival instinct, already rules completely and can leave all energy-intensive hypocrisy aside. He enforces his worship by the threat of death and yet knows deep within himself of the futility of his actions and being. For he, as his own mortal God, cannot impart to himself any sense of life. He sees only his death, which approaches inexorably and thus the death of his God. Thus everything is without sense for him.

The divine power of nature, on the other hand, attains its worship through love and the promise of an eternal circle of life. It is the sense in itself and the human being connected to it knows about this sense and is secured in it beyond death.

The goal of the companies is to nourish and strengthen themselves on as many people as possible. To this end, they imitate, where they still have to, the divine power of nature and pretend to want to carry and gift and nourish people. But in the end they are only transient beings who have elevated themselves to gods. They are twisted gods who cannot escape the rules of earthly existence that also apply to them, but have put themselves in a material position to be able to proclaim their earthly world of fear and competition to be the divine principle. And in this principle the infinite and eternal and inexhaustible divine power is missing, on which everything must be based in order to be complete and whole. Her world consists only of pain. In it there is no knowledge, no trust, no humility and no love and no unity.

The divine power of nature does not have to woo us, because we are a part of it. She does not have to woo us in order to „sell“ us something and then to be able to live from the „surplus value“ extorted or obtained from us. It gives because it has infinite from itself, and the only thing we have to do for it is to live in the circuits. The only thing we have to do is simply to be. To be part of. If our monetary and corporate system could fit into these cycles and transform itself, then there would be no need to court anyone with hypocritical means in order to rob them of their power. Also the enterprises would then be part of the cycle and could nourish themselves, instead of their fellow men, from the divine strength of nature. They would have their proper position assigned to them as mortal beings and would not have to reduce creation to the instinct of survival as earthly, death-fearing, fearful gods. They could then be mortal beings who would revolve in eternal knowledge and trust in the cycles of the divine power of nature.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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