The soul and its home in the afterlife

At the age of just 22 years and one month, I was on my motorcycle on the way from my then girlfriend to my parents on 23.12. of the year. Packed with Christmas gifts, in anticipation of a hopefully reasonably contemplative Christmas. The motorcycle was 240 kg of pure unreasonableness of the brand Yamaha, which could bring me with an infernal soundscape in about 3.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and with its 120 hp only at 245 km / h wanted to stop accelerating. I admit it: I used to be one of those. And contrary to all prejudices against motorcyclists: I was a nice, courteous and considerate road user! And I am still filled with a childlike joy when I think of this really very, very worldly thing from Japanese production! However, I would not be so insane to drive it now. What nonsense! – It was cold that day and since it was around 7pm also already very dark. Since I loved my motorcycle at least as much as my girlfriend, I wanted to spare the cold engine on the short stretch of highway and drove in the highest gear „only“ 150 km/h.

I overtook a truck and when I was halfway up, it pulled into my lane. I performed a hazard braking, the motorcycle rolled over because of the locking front wheel, sparks flew, I hit the asphalt and rolled over again and again and rolled and rolled, so that it seemed like an eternity. When I finally came to a stop, I stood up, amazed that this was still possible, and – standing in complete darkness in the passing lane of a highway – looked after the truck. When I finally saw its brake lights and realized that it was pulling over, I was reassured. Someone had to pay for the damage! Then I sat down on the green strip of the central guardrail of the highway. 10 seconds later an Audi thundered with enormous speed on the lane, on which I had stood just still completely pensively, looking after the truck, into the wreck of my motorcycle lying still some hundred meters further ahead. I think that was the time when I began to call loudly for help.

My injuries are quickly listed: The right side a single bruise. The right collarbone broken. The clavicle is a bone that can probably break if you unfortunately stumble against a door frame. That’s it. By the way, nothing happened to the Audi driver. I was allowed to meet him later. Eight weeks later, I went to the nearest motorcycle store with the insurance money in my pocket.

What comes to mind: WHAT INCREDIBLE LUCK! (or not so nice things, if you are a motorcyclist hater).

It occurred to me then, „You had one hell of a guardian angel…“ and that date became my second birthday.

This was the time when I again got an inkling that there is more than we are commonly led to believe. That this smooth outcome is connected with something that is not to be found in the material world known to us. That forces, or whatever you want to call it, have a controlling and influencing effect on us. Yes even the suspicion that there could be perhaps even a plan. It was a deep, abysmal and unspeakable knowledge that I felt. The appearance of this guardian angel in this way, perceptible only in its effect, was a wonderful feeling. It was a return. The return of a power that I had last felt as a child.

We all have these guardian angels (or power beings or whatever you want to call these otherworldly companions). At least as children. And as children we can also see them. They are the invisible companions and friends. They are the animals that still come to the bed when we fall asleep. But it’s also the creatures in the closet or under the bed that scare children. I remember both kinds looking back. And also of falling when you had closed your eyes and creatures of different kinds appeared to you. Some delightful, most terrifying.

As shown in the last chapter, in our material upbringing we lose this contact and our wide-open soul sense closes again.

This open and unfiltered perception of the soul, which is proper to us as children, is what Jesus means when he says that the kingdom of heaven belongs to children. And what the Daoist sages mean when they say „an infant can look without blinking, it can cry without going hoarse, and it can grasp without letting go because it has the fullness of peace and the unity of the way.“

As children, there was no division for us into good and evil and right and wrong and desired or undesired. Into thing and non-thing. I believe that this is also the way in which the first man must have seen the world. He opened his eyes with the beginning consciousness and everything was visible to him as one. He did not separate between spirit and thing, between deer and soul, between forest and the world beyond that was clearly there for him. The mind served perhaps to sharpen the flint. The hunt was prepared with the soul. The deer spirit and the forest spirit were called, but to sacrifice one of his children for the people, so that they could also live and they were shown when and where they would find this deer,.(at the bend… at the river…… in Three Days …..) And they went and took it as food. This kind of connection and prayer still work today. Only in our church, unfortunately, we don’t learn it anymore ….because of repentance and guilt. And guilt is something very, very worldly…. The unity of the soul does not know guilt.

I had my third birthday 16 years later on a November 30. After a time of forgetting and immersion in the world of things and their mechanisms and a life in ambiguity and much confusion – all the money I earned as an engineer didn’t help either, with which I didn’t know what to do in a „meaningful“ way – my soul-sense was brutely opened to me. Nothing was as it was before and I realized that this power had only been waiting to show itself to me again. That it was never gone, even if I had not thought about it for more than a decade.

I believe that this is the case for every human being. We cannot get rid of our soulfulness. It is a part of us. And this animate world is always ready to show itself to us. To take us in again, if we only want it.

In many cultures – ancient, past, but also still existing today – there is a belief (better: knowledge) of the ensoulment of all things. „All things“ really means all things. From the stone to the plant, the grain of dust, the air, the fire, the bicycle, the Boeing 747, the nuclear power plant and – of course – the human being. Once I was allowed to experience how Tuvinian shamans have not left out also the cars of the travellers during a blessing ceremony and have blessed these – naturally also regarded as animate.

Now perhaps the sharp mind of some readers jumps in and reports (inwardly hidden full of secret joy to have discovered a mistake or self-righteously shaking their heads because of such a naive and little thought-out talk): „With a stone or a human being or a plant I can still understand that. But a car or an airplane – they consist of individual parts like wheels, engines, speedometers, screws, rivets, sheets etc.. Doesn’t everything then have to be individually animated or has a new big soul arisen by the joining of the individual parts and what has become then with the many individual small ones or how or what? How should I imagine this then? That is illogical! And also with plant, stone and man: They consist, nevertheless, of molecules and these of atoms and these again of elementary particles! Are they then all individually ensouled (secretly smiling a little bit gloatingly, because he has pushed the author so nicely argumentatively into the corner or professorially strictly and demanding justification looking over his half intelligence reading glasses)??.“

What should I say in reply? I could say, „I know. I know what makes you tick. I worked as an engineer for years. In the computer industry! I know you. And you tire me so much with your empty, sophistical talk. All your questions were clear to me from the beginning. You do not surprise me. Remember your mortality and whether there would be nothing else to say in this short life span.“

But first I would like to tell something else:

I once saw a talk program (on one of the – as it was called – reputable channels) in which the German wife of an Indian medicine man who had died shortly before tried to put spiritual healing into words and to bring it to those present with the vocabulary and frame of reference available to us. The other participants were a physician and a physicist. The woman didn’t stand a chance from the beginning. Everyone knew it. Except her. I was appalled with how much malice and also almost hateful aggression this woman was met with on the part of science (the mind). What she said was dissected on the altar of the logical mind, dissected, picked apart, robbed of its unity and then given naked and defenseless to ridicule. Now, as I write it after years the tears still come to me because of the horrible treatment of this so well-meaning woman. The minds of the two gentlemen were patting themselves smugly and in love on their shoulders the whole time. The talk show host did the rest.

The language at our disposal is the weapon of the mind, honed over centuries. Perfectly developed to form material, logical, cause-and-effect conditioned material aspects and completely unsuitable to describe the aspects of the eternity, unity and infinity of our beyond soul existence. Who nevertheless tries it must appear clumsy and stupid and naive and ridiculous. He struggles for words and yet cannot say what he really means. In the „Tao te King“, a millennia-old Daoist classic, it says about this apparently very old and continent-spanning problem: „Laboriously searching for a name, I call it ‚Great‘!“ Lao Tse – the historical author of this text – is here looking for a word for the nameless, for that which lies beyond creation and encompasses everything. It is not ‚Great‘! It is the completely wrong word! He knows that, but he does not find a better term. The term ‚Great‘ is hundreds of millions of billions of miles off. But that’s as close as we (and he) can get with our language. And if we then speak, then the guardians of the mind – quietly smiling because of their near victory – can already sharpen their knives.

So I come back to our analytical mind from the second paragraph of this chapter and answer him: „The world is not as simple as it seems to you. Your idea to be able to grasp the whole truth with the five senses available to you is marked by a naive and self-exaggerated delusion. All your knowledge loses its validity in the very small – which you do not understand. And in the very big – which you also do not grasp and cannot overlook. With what is in between, it seems to me, you somehow also still have knowledge gaps big as barn doors. Your whole mathematics is based on so-called axioms. That is the foreign word for unprovable assumptions.

So your irrefutable truth is based on assumptions and the limited perceptions of your senses in an area which you don’t understand even rudimentarily in front and behind. And you perception artists simply fade out this successfully and hundred percent and claim the world which you perceive would lie in its entirety crystal clear before you! For this you really have my again and again completely astonished respect!

I cannot prove anything to you. All conceptions of the beyond and the soul have grown up in the different cultures in different pictures and words and from it resulting representations. But they all end in an area which you cannot perceive and which must remain closed to your imagination in the last truth. Unfortunately, at the latest there your borders lie, so that it would be in vain, I would get involved now in a reply of your argumentation.

So it is not about your logical subtleties and my illogical explanations. It is rather about the fact that you are not able with your language to more than logical subtlety and I must use myself laboriously this completely inadequate language and imagination, because nothing better is available to me to communicate to you on this simple level.

If you and your mind mates could just once leave your five senses aside and just once understand and exchange with our soul sense, then many spiritual seminars would only be minutes long. Maybe they would not need to take place at all! It would not need this book and I would not have to struggle for words to make you understand something! Everything is already said and understood on the soul level. There would be nothing more what one would have to communicate to the other. The realization would be comprehensive, so that no more word would be necessary.

And this is not an esoteric illusion. Something like this happens. The most prominent example in our world is certainly Saul, who became Paul. He heard with another sense and he understood it all on another level.

So your interjection with the single souls and the ensoulment of the steering wheel and the gas pedal of the car is completely meaningless, because this discourse takes place only in you, the mind.

So I advise you: First of all, realize that you know nothing (I do not exclude myself. I also know nothing.). Learn humility towards the views of others. You do not know whether they are right or wrong. Accept what I say as something which must…. appear by the expression in your language often and in many respects inadequate and illogical and think not so much about it.

What I share does not have the claim to be logical. It is beyond logic. It is even beyond the words. Even if this must seem horrible to you. On the contrary: I rather worried if you would find something in my words what corresponds to your rational thinking. Then I would have come from what I would like to communicate probably very far. If you do not understand it and if it confuses you: Then it is good! Experience it yourself or it remains to you only the faith – or the doubt.

I wish I could be silent with you and you would realize. Or tell you everything with only a single sound from my lips. Then we could weep together for the futility of your striving so far.


After this incendiary speech we return to the first paragraph of this chapter, in the hope to have converted a little bit or at least to have confused a little bit our logical, doubtful and always only the seemingly faulty searching mind, so that we now have some time to talk undisturbed about our soulfulness („fabulating“ the mind would probably call it).

Let’s stay with the so-called shamanism. I say „so-called“, because the word „shamanism“ is a scientific word, whose function only serves the creation of a drawer, in which small fragmented „knowledge“ of one kind is packed, in order to delimit this knowledge against the knowledge of another kind and to carry out a separation and division. Exactly what we really don’t want in the chapter with the title „soul“ now. So it is nevertheless „scientifically“ but nevertheless once again noted that „shamanism“ exists according to textbook only in Siberia, while similar techniques in South America or elsewhere are to be assigned to the „pseudo-shamanism“… I spare myself any further comment on this now. I just wanted you to read this once.

So let’s stay with the so-called shamanism. It is a – let’s call it – way. A way which is somewhat known to me and about which I know a little. – – – – I sit now already 10 minutes in front of the blinking cursor of my PC and ask myself the whole time what I actually know and what I should write now to this…

Well, this soulfulness from the first paragraph of this chapter has its root there, where it has it also according to the opinion of our Christian world religions: In the hereafter.

Now the afterlife appears to many cultures at different times and in different places always a little differently. In the Christian one we come only after the resurrection, in the Buddhist one only after many incarnations and then also only if one pays attention well in the dying process (I do not know myself there so well.). One teaches me there gladly of a better. But this is how I once understood it). In other cultures the soul goes directly to the ancestors and is not reborn. Now let’s take the so-called shamanic approach – which I feel is very true. The afterlife is always present. It is perhaps, depending on cultural characteristics, divided into an upper, middle and lower level (without a valuation about good and bad, different from what we do with heaven and hell) or many hundreds of levels where the souls, gods and spirits (also souls) reside. The middle level is always the level on which we also exist as physical beings. And these different levels the shaman can „travel“. That is, he can lay aside or dampen the mind’s dominion for a controlled period of time and open his soul-sense. Just like we were able to do as children! I call it soul-sense in contrast to the five mind-controlled senses. Thus he perceives all at once what is – according to most religions – in eternity and infinity. In the timelessness. There it is possible for him to experience the future, to visit past situations from the life of his clients for healing purposes and to see what is in trouble in the otherworldly aspect of our middle world – that is the world in which our physicality also exists. Sometimes very clearly and sometimes also in very coded symbolistic form. It is there like in the dreams, in which also the soul goes on journeys and roams around in the beyond. What it brings in memories and perceptions is often not suitable for our material imagination. It is taken out of an area of space and timelessness. How should our head also be able to grasp that. So that what we remember can only be approximated to what we experienced. The perceived is then packed into something similar, somehow from the feeling, the situation or perception somehow fitting known. But sometimes it is also very concrete.

But since this is not a book about shamanic healing, I do not want to go into further detail here. Only so far that I know from my own experience that it is true. That I vouch as a witness, that I have seen these things, in such a concrete vision, that an artificial mumbling in the manner of „…I have seen a meadow.“ – Yes, yes, I often used to pass by meadows!“ , was not necessary. It is often rich in detail and concrete. It is past and also future. For me at the time, the realization of this truth was stunning. I was thereupon so furiously on our responsible persons in the policy or otherwise whom responsible, that this knowledge about our Beseeltheit and the beyond world is simply withheld from us. That this is not already taught in the kindergarten, so that the people can become all again whole!

Now it may become clear to the reader now, since we also hear, if we do not listen correctly, that we see, if we also do not look correctly, that we then also perceive about our soul sense, without being aware of it. And so it is. This sense perceives there, where for our mind the now often pointed out limits lie. And these perceptions have an effect on us. In Buddhism exists the question, why not everybody has his soul (there it is the natural spirit. It is not properly comparable with our idea of the soul. But for this train of thought it works) or his natural spirit can perceive. One assumption is: It is too big to be perceived. Another is: He is too small to be perceived. To me both seems to be right. It seems to me that the otherworldly pervades everything, as in the shamanic view also the material (middle) world is pervaded and animated by the otherworldly plane. That everything around us is full of otherworldly-psychic gorilla aspects, which our mind, because it cannot grasp, comprehend and classify it, simply fades out.

And that the perception is so small and quiet. So quiet and discreet. So without sound and tone. Just as all the mystics describe it. As all those who went to the desert and the wasteland found it: the spiritual, the soul realization is in the emptiness, is in the silence. Now I ask: what is that which is not endured nowadays? The silence. What is the most worthless (and perhaps most frightening) thing in our society? The emptiness. The nothingness. And that is where everything can be found. The knowledge without words. The realization of unity without knowing. And how much silence could be around us, if we allowed it! How much could we then gain in soul knowledge in soul language. It is sad.

A client once came to me and said that I had once said that emptiness and nothingness were good. Now she had built herself a beautiful little ancestral altar. With photos and figures and candles and old mementos. But when she sat in front of it, she felt nothing. And she did not like that. So in her judgment, not feeling anything was still bad or undesirable. I couldn’t get this conversation out of my head for several days and kept asking myself if she wasn’t right for herself personally. And then I called her and told her: „I’m sticking with it! It is good! Accept it. Feel this emptiness as a friend. Don’t see anything negative in it anymore. Deep in this emptiness there is something and it is unity. Also with you! Open the drawer of your mind that says ‚Emptiness is bad!‘ Pour it out and be thankful that your mind did not also make you feel a saccharine spiritual feeling to keep you quiet. Take your time and don’t judge too soon! Be grateful that you can feel the emptiness. “

She has discovered the friend and the power of unity in emptiness and silence.

If emptiness and silence were not worthless for us, what could we experience if we could experience them.

Thus, we are actually always otherworldly beings. Always connected to this second aspect of our existence. We don’t have to fear death at all. It actually brings us nothing new. Nothing that we could not experience now.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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