The reality of global markets

There is this pandemic and millions of people are dying and billions are threatened with death. Everything is at a standstill and the taxpayer, the citizen, the soulful human being is paying for it. And there is the vaccine…. And there are the pharmaceutical companies. And there – madness let up! – everything continues as before. Capitalism in its purest form. The new gods preserve their slaughterhouse world. Sovereign and self-empowered, they uphold their money-grubbing and egoistic laws in their divine omnipotence even now. And the governments, the helpless priests of these gods, cry out, „Oh dear, we’re not getting enough vaccine!“, „Yes, have we ordered enough?“ „We’ll get it later than others! Then more of our citizens will die!“ „Yes, have we wrestled with the gods enough and shown ourselves humble to them, not been able to convince them with our pleading that they drop more manna from heaven for us? („Negotiating“ is what they call it today. An absurdity. The world is collapsing and the representatives of the world’s population, the representatives of seven billion people whose lives are in danger, really still have to negotiate with a few greedy corporations, companies whose research was based on taxpayers‘ money, for their mercy like beggars, whose product could only be created with the help of the money of these world citizens?) „Have we then put too little ‚money in our hands‘?“ you cry tearfully, „Less than the others who are allowed to receive the blessing first? Have we not sacrificed enough to be so treated by our gods, we powerless states and governments?“ And so the gods sit in their Olympus and play the theatre of the obliging benefactor, who unfortunately can’t go any faster – unless you put more ‚money in your hand‘. Then, of course, something else is possible.

And nobody says anything. No one notices anything. A Trump who roars out his insane hatred and the destructiveness inherent in capitalism is the one whom politicians now want to remove from office – severely traumatised. But only after he himself has threatened the life and limb of the politicians by a frenzied mob and put them in fear of their lives. Perhaps he will be arrested later for something else entirely. For revenge. That’s what they did with Shkreli. But only because he acted too obviously and was too publicly disinterested in a hypocritical morality. He did what he was legally allowed to do. What the god corporations were allowed to do – according to their own will, because they make the laws themselves – was to raise the price of an AIDS drug by over 5,000 per cent. Legally, as I said. And he didn’t give a shit. „It’s capitalism. Your system. What do you guys want? My investors want profits.“ That’s what it looks like. Quite unvarnished, if one of the god-capitalists tells the truth for once.

What about the drug trade? They want to nationalise it to cut off the drugs companies. So that harm is averted from the population. Who will prevent the damage that the god corporations bring upon the people? Where is the law that says that the patents on the vaccine belong to all countries? That every country can produce it immediately? That every country is supported (interest-free, for free and as a gift) to build their own factories for it? That the pharmaceutical gods are dethroned and given what we, the people, grant them as – surely generous – profit? Where is this law that restores the conditions (man before greed, man in self-empowerment and not in powerlessness)? Well, where is it? As long as the gods don’t show their destructiveness and greed too obviously, everything is fine. It has to look a bit moral so that the priests are not forced to intervene. – After all, they want to be re-elected. Their power is not as unlimited as that of the corporations. The soul-sentient human being, can still take them out of the game by voting. Theoretically. – Then you can deceive the people, and maybe even yourself, that it’s all so right and God-given (which is true. Corporate God-given it is). In the USA, millions of citizens can be addicted for many, many years to an opioid painkiller that is supposedly not addictive; federally sworn. Only when a conspicuous number of people who have been made into junkies keel over in the street with circulatory collapse does a court case have to be played and the state is then very, very concerned about its dear citizens… and very, very indignant about the evil, evil companies. How can they!?

„Isn’t it capitalisssssssmmmmmm?…..“ whispers softly as if from a million snake mouths.

„No, no! What are you thinking! It’s the individual case! The greedy individual case! Capitalism is so good and so warm! It could never do anything to you! You are the sovereign! The citizen. The state! You are the meaning of it all! He could never do anything to you. It only wants to serve you!“ exclaim the politicians, looking around wildly for the source of the silent whispering of millions.

At some point, the time will come when the god corporations will no longer need to follow any hypocritical human morals. Then they can be honest. As honest as Trump in his hatred and Shkreli in his mercilessness. And no one will be there to condemn them for it. Those who tried will be allowed to hear their roaring laughter and feel their steely almighty fist. But we are still far away from that, aren’t we? … A few weeks after I wrote this, I read the following in the newspaper:

The inequality is also reflected in the prices. While the EU pays 1.78 euros for an Astrazeneca vaccine dose – the prices, which were actually kept secret, were tweeted by a Belgian state secretary – Uganda has to put 7 dollars, or about 5.80 euros, on the table for one dose. „We recognise that this is the reality of global markets,“ WHO Africa chief Matshidiso Moeti said recently. „It is of course unfortunate that there are poorer countries that pay more than rich countries.“

No further comment. Except perhaps: The one of the actors who does not stand up here, who does not want to save the world, who does not recognise the state of complete derangement of the capitalist system destroying our livelihood and our humanity, is blinded by money or fully brainwashed by his system and no longer able to recognise the truth. It ist „ the reality of global markets“. Law of nature. Made by the mortal Gods… Insane.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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