The material „vibration“ is the same in everything

Now man with his being, his will and action is an expression of this cosmic vibration. The thought of being self-determined is an expression of the materiality of this vibration. If we were free to decide, would we seriously allow life on this planet to be destroyed so that people, in their fear of death, could accumulate vast amounts of dead capital on themselves? Would we allow destruction and suffering for a dogmatic insanity of self-interest to the point of blood, developed by ice-cold calculators whose only premise is the personal accumulation of maximum possessions at the expense of everything and everyone except themselves? Would we accept it as somehow inevitable and do our part daily? But we do rethink! Out of ourselves! It just looks like that. Everything that is now being done – is supposed to be done – to save the earth only serves to preserve the system based on dead wealth and property accumulation, and egoists accepting everything for it. Electric cars also have the primary function of making certain lonely and therefore insatiably greedy people richer. Otherwise they would not build them. If there were nothing to earn from saving the world, they would retreat to places from which one is as luxurious as possible and far away from the end of the world for a long time. Into space, perhaps… In this sense, attempts are now being made to keep the young, formerly vital Mother Earth, which has been apoplectically beaten into a coma by the male fear of death, alive as long as possible in order to be able to draw nourishing milk from her breasts for as long as possible.

This all happens out of the material expression of the cosmic vibration that also brings us and our possibilities to think and act into „existence“. If she swung differently, then a human consciousness would emerge that could act completely differently. It would raise a new generation of people who would first learn nothing but soul knowledge in kindergarten, in primary school, and even initially in secondary school. Who would learn goodness. Meaning, unity, cosmic love, acceptance, knowledge of the community of all that exists, the harmfulness of self-interest. The worthlessness of things that do not serve life. That wealth consists in giving to the world. Security. Fearlessness. And then, educated in cosmic soul-knowledge they can be let loose on earthly sciences and they could reinvent the world in harmony…. Or? Or does anyone actually want something else? Very few, I think. But still, humanity is running to its own and all other life’s suffering destruction. Following such an obvious delusion, so hypnotised that the human being who suddenly comes to realise this, finds himself speechless between fascination and infinite horror.

Thus it is not in „our“ hands. We *are* not. This thought is an expression of the cosmic vibration in the material and not in the spiritual. If it were vibrating in the spiritual, „we“ would see ourselves as a function of wholeness, would be in a state of security and would not get the idea of feeling somehow separate in senselessness – and of buying ourselves huge, fast, scary vehicles or of designing and manufacturing them in the first place. Because speed is time and space overcoming. Size is space expansion. To generate fear is to unite something within oneself, is to spread out in space (like shouting or threatening). Is to force the environment into one’s will. To reduce one’s own loneliness by imposing fear on others. It is simply the material vibration and matter trying to unite matter upon itself. From gravity to the compulsion of life to eat. There is no difference between the gravitational pull of the matter of the moon and a murderous and coercive manager in the rainforest logging business (and all variations of it beside, above and below) speeding down the highway.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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