The unity of the mind

The mind seeks to realize unity. And he looks for it in the views. For this reason, this unity will always remain incomplete, because he can gather and „unite“ only a limited amount of people to one of his – personal views. Now, not every person on earth follows the view of our exemplary mind striving for unity. If our mind is of the opinion „A„, then there will always be a group of people besides the people who agree with it in „A“, who are of the opinion „B“ instead. The unity of the mind can always exist only in a partial unity and thereby in the end always result only in the separation. In this example it is the separation into the groups which favor „A“ or „B“. The whole truth is not accessible to the mind, since it does not exist exclusively in its world of things. Every view it can have is judgeable as „right“ or „wrong“ because it can never contain the conclusive truth due to its limitations. No matter what the mind does: If it relies only on itself and its material way, it produces with everything what it says, means and does, exclusively separation.

Even if it succeeded to unite all people of this world on its view „A„: There are so infinitely many aspects in the world of the things to which the most different views can be formed! Because if the intellect manages the impossible and unites all people to one aspect on one view, then nothing is won for him at all, because in hundreds of thousands of other aspects the people united by him just in one topic stand again in opposition to him.

All people in all aspects of his view: that is the ideal of the mind. This is the state that he believes could take away the pain of being separated. However, this ideal cannot be achieved. By people with power this attempt was made, for example, in fascism and communism. It failed because it was not possible to kill all people who could not be united on the required views.

Because his ideal is not attainable except by the annihilation of all dissenters, the mind, which as a rule is not endowed with power over life and death, seeks unity within itself. In isolation. In the four walls. In independence. In individualism. In fashion. In the separation from the others, which he cannot get rid of. Which he can neither win for himself nor get rid of. And he seeks unity within himself in teaching. In teaching? Yes. Nothing isolates better than the cathedra from which one – separated from the masses – can offer one’s views. Many teachers and many artists, for example, do not choose their profession because they sought contact with people. They choose their profession because it enables them to stand behind a clearly defined and insurmountable boundary, while being able to offer their „views“ to the often anonymous masses – separated from them – without contradiction. It is the mass, speechless for the time of action, which in its powerlessness and speechlessness suggests to the mind of the instructor the illusion of consent, of unity, of the long-awaited tranquility.

„Who is not for us, is against us!“ was one of the election slogans in fascist Germany. A sentence in which all truth about the concept of mind is united. „Either everyone agrees with us, or we will separate – one way or another – from those who do not!“ And separation is done by inflicting pain.

The only view, on which perhaps all people could unite, would be that each of us will meet a certain phenomenon, called death, sooner or later. Only: just this view is the biggest horror of the mind. Just this view he would like to deny most and to leave unmentioned. But alone in the recognition of this view and in the conscious and accepting unification of the people on this view lies the key to the further development of mankind. Lie the answers to the questions about the sense which torment our soul-distant society so.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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