The task of extending the will to survive to everything. To all of creation. – Actually…

The animal is, like everything in the universe animated. And it has a material body. In spite of the soulfulness and the possibility to act with the body on earth, the soul knowledge has no influence on the material action with him. The animal consciousness perceives only materially over the five senses and is therefore exclusively aligned to the earthly fight for survival. All his acting serves on the one hand the own survival and that of his group and on the other hand the survival of his material information in the future, the reproduction.

With it I devalue the animals in no way. I have lived with dogs in my community for almost 40 years. I appreciate these creatures so much and in these years I have learned infinitely much from them about life and its necessities. The dog does not care about the survival of the world or wild strangers. Instead, he does everything for his pack, arranges himself and makes all his skills available. And all this exclusively from the motives mentioned above. We dog owners have to be honest with ourselves and shouldn’t fool ourselves… I’m not even talking about cats.

If the animal, in this constitution of its consciousness separated from the soul knowledge, were equipped with the mind of man, then it would act no less devastatingly than man does on earth at present. But the survival tools of the animal are limited. They are adapted to a certain habitat, to certain circumstances. If these circumstances change radically, then the animal cannot survive with its tools. And it perishes. It cannot expand indefinitely.

This is the situation of the animals. They are not able to bring together the divine, which is and rests in them, with their active material possibilities of action. And they don’t have to. They are harmoniously embedded in the flow of life. In their time and place. They are there and there where they have been placed. Surrendered to the counsel of fate and able to rest in situations of little danger and thus little fear, and not incessantly scratching with the claws or snarling with the teeth or tense the legs tremble. Or, for example, to flee without ceasing in panic until total exhaustion, or to incessantly tear up rabidly everything in sight.

In contrast to this is the human being. He has no claws, no armor, no teeth, no camouflage, no nimble legs for the fight for survival, he does not even have his own fur that could protect him from the cold of the night. He doesn’t hear well, he doesn’t see well, and he doesn’t smell well (with his nose). But he has his mind and his skillful hands. These two tools are his weapons, created and developed for the earthly struggle for survival. These are the tools of his survival instinct, his claws, carapace, teeth, legs, fur. The mind is therefore only an organ like the others, which, used for itself and purely materially, serves only the prevention of the death of the individual and that of his group.

But man is beyond that able to experience his soul knowledge, the knowledge about the unity, the eternity and the infinity in his consciousness and to let follow the consequences of this soul experience corresponding earthly actions. He is able to transcend the survival instinct with its tools of mind and hand and to entrust them with a completely new task that goes beyond the mere preservation of the individual and his group. With the task, the preservation of the universe in last consequence. With the task to extend the will to survive to everything. To the whole creation. Because everything is he. He is everything. There is no difference. The otherwise lonely, destructive and fearful survival instinct can thereby all at once experience universal love and manifest it materially through its actions. The tool mind and the tool hand can be used creatively, can be used divinely! The soul-experienced sense can be brought into the earthly world!

„Great thing! Hosanna! We are all saved!“ one would like to exclaim. Rejoiced too soon. Two very momentous facts have emerged in the course of human development. First, in the material world, people have prevailed and taken the lead over the destiny of mankind and the planet, whose consciousness, as in the case of animals, cannot connect the soul information with the earthly action. For them there is only the struggle for survival. Thus they also postulate the state of the world and force the remaining, still soul-materially integrated people to anchor the sole struggle for survival as the only and whole truth, as the sole purpose of existence.

Now you might say, „Okay. That’s fine, too. Then there is no great universal task for mankind. Then we just remain animals and integrate ourselves into the course of fate, as all other animals do. We just flow through it. We are in the flow. That’s great, too.“ But it’s not great, because it doesn’t work that way with humans. The human being was created to connect in his consciousness soul knowledge with earthly doing. The permanent compulsion to deny the soul knowledge by the leading, materially extraordinarily potent, but mentally completely detached people leads to a state of consciousness that no longer knows rest. To a permanent emergency situation, which leads to the fact that our mind and our hands are incessantly active. They fight ceaselessly. Meanwhile in completely blinded madness against everything and everyone against everyone. This is the second momentous fact. Capitalism is only a symptom of this state of consciousness of the permanent threat and the incessant fight for survival, the doctrine of pure materialism.

Man is forced by the system of those who do not feel soulfully in state, economy, science and banks to deny his soul-material integration and to limit himself to purely material action. Of course, since the mind is no more than an earthly instrument of self-defense, he can only act in earthly, soulless self-defense. Every seed he sows, every bump he levels, is struggle against nature. Every opinion he defends like a fortress becomes a fearful fight against his neighbor. The infinite hunger that man feels, however, is a soul hunger for wholeness, which, however, cannot be satisfied by earthly, fear-driven self-defense actions. The experience of spiritual truths has only been systematically cut off from him early in his childhood, so that he, the half-man, the lost man, no longer has the slightest idea of what he might be missing. Why he is so suffering, why there is no meaning and no true joy in life. He thinks only in material categories. All he can think of is „pizza,“ „vacation“ or „new car. Or „It’s my neighbor’s fault!“ This makes him a perfect cogwheel in the machine of capitalism, the child of materialism. Material „science,“ in the absence of the eternal knowledge of meaning, exercises itself in ever more intensive dividing and renaming and reassembling and renaming again. Thus it hopes to find the answer to the one so urgent and oh so painful question of the reason. The reason of our pitifully short existence on a damned piece of rock orbiting at insane speed, surrounded by unspeakable cold and darkness, in the infinite void around a massive atomic fusion fire. But only with the mind it will find nothing else except separation….

Thus, those who feel nothing mentally, materially strong and full of power, are in front of those who are deaf mentally, those who are materially in total loss and weakness. Those who feel nothing mentally consider this world, as a permanent slaughterhouse in permanent fear and despair, to be perfect. They have arranged it in such a way for all and it corresponds to their perception of the world. But in reality, for them and for those forced by them to deafness and alienated from their mental knowledge, there is only a life in permanent fear of death. In suppressed despair and repressed lonely pain, which is tried to be drowned out by ever louder, ever more agitated, ever sharper and ever more colorful numbing of the senses. With which one tries to prove that one is alive after all. That there, with so much „fullness“ nothing at all can be missing…

„Submit! Then there is prosperity, satiety, security.“ And all of them have the unconscious feeling of waiting well fed and dry in the stable for their butcher, their cannibal and do not know how to express it, do not know how to perceive it and go deeper and deeper into exhaustion and depression. But even this is allowed only secretly….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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