Wealth does not serve man – Earth is the only functioning system

The capitalist-materialist market economy consists of production, acquisition, wear and tear, new production. In this system, the human being is exclusively a function, a factor. He is not the beneficiary or even the master of the system. On the contrary, the system does not serve him, but he keeps the system alive while it keeps him dependent by threatening his life. For an exit is hardly possible for him. Where should he turn? Man carved out for his function in the capitalist system. Thus he is forced to produce, consume and produce again. In doing so, he is called upon to find meaning in being completely fixated on things, on toys, that he would not need if he were in his natural state of consciousness. It has been made his nature to waste his life-force on continually renewing these useless things and acquiring and accumulating others, comparing and measuring himself with his neighbour and seeing in this the incentive to waste still more life-force in acquiring still greater quantities of useless things. And when he has everything, he has been bred in such a way that every three to six months he needs a renewed version of the things he already possesses. At any cost. He is so enraptured that he believes there is nothing but things.

More and more he is being moulded into an immature, insatiable and nerveless child whose main characteristic is to whine away when he does not get his way. When its conditioned wanting is not satisfied. The wanting of new dead things. This unconditional wanting and obtaining is suggested to it as a desirable state, called prosperity. It is impressed upon him that this prosperity is the best thing that can happen to him, that it is the state to strive for. The only one God actually wants. The goal of his existence. And: that the capitalist system is his most devoted servant, to let him reach this state of prosperity and remain there. – There are a few rules in the small print, but when your eyes are a bit red and you sneeze a lot from the sulphur dust, you don’t look too closely any more. It doesn’t matter. The things, the things. All things to me!

But it’s a deception. Prosperity does not serve him, the human being. It is a necessary condition for the maintenance of the system. A factor relevant to the system. It would be the same if a dog took pride in his glittering stainless steel collar, but ultimately failed to realise that it does not adorn him, but keeps him on a chain in the position of watchdog at his rotten hut.

Man has been conditioned to the idea of prosperity as it leads to smooth and maximised flow of production, consumption and disposal. Prosperity is virtually the mud in which the other factors run their automated circles. Performing their dances of death.

And just as things are produced, consumed and thrown away, the system ensures that the human factor is produced, consumed and disposed of. In the same way that sensitive goods are treated with appropriate care until they wear out, but at the same time as cheaply as possible, human beings are also kept in good shape so that they are able to consume expensive things here and produce them as specialised machines, while in other countries – less cared for and more quickly replaceable because they are a cheap mass product there – they have to produce things cheaply and consume cheap things.

But in all places, the production of people must be ensured. The system does not care what becomes of the factors thing, human being and environment. Until now, it was ensured that the pool of people renewed itself, that the pool of people renewed the pool of things and that, yes, the resource of nature renewed itself. It was always possible to simply take from it. She was such a generous, almost inexhaustible giver.

– Until now… And if she no longer plays along? She can’t anymore? She runs out of strength? What then? Then the thumbscrews will have to be tightened – as with humans who are no longer compliant. It will be limited and kept in check. Later, at some point, when it is realised that even these measures are of no use or that they are far too cost-intensive, one will begin to care for nature while it continues to be exploited. While it continues to be sucked dry, it will be nurtured in such a way that it is kept alive in a scarce but stable way and can continue to fulfil its function in the system. Just as it was with man when the six-day week, the 10-hour day and health insurance were introduced for the worker and child labour was banned. All these measures on man now meant that he was able to carry out his function for longer and in a more stable way (after all, he was no longer in quite so much pain and did not think so much about hanging capitalists and politicians). Mortal he still remained. – As long as there are human replenishments, no problem for the system.

Now it is clear to everyone whose consciousness is not yet completely clouded by materialist doctrines: nature, the earth, there’s only one of them… What works with humans – first compulsion and then forced prolongation of life or function with later exchange – does not work with nature. If it is sucked dry to the maximum and if the prolongation of life – no matter how costly and resource-intensive it may be – has reached its end at some point, then that’s it. Quite simply. When Mother Nature’s heart stops beating, bloodless and withered, then all the vampires, those undead, fall away from her, dying of thirst. Then it’s over. It is as simple as that.

From this alone we can see: The capitalist-materialist system, in its one-sided definition of the world as a collection of things for consumption, is doomed to failure, for none of its methods are applicable to Mother Nature.

SHE is the ONLY decisive FACTOR. SHE is THE SYSTEM. Only in HER is there LIFE WITHOUT END. SHE is to be FOLLOWED again. It is absurd to think that She can be made a subordinate factor in the production of things in an absolutely toxic and life-denying system. Or a subordinate factor in any system whatsoever.

Mother Nature is MOTHER Nature. She is not a material resource to be exploited. I say: she is not. I do not say: she is not only. She is the spiritual basis of our existence. She gives us gifts and we accept. We know her secrets and are grateful and full of humility. THAT is the system. That is the only system that works. That is the only system that promises an existence in meaning.

Yesterday were federal elections… None of the representatives of the elected parties know of this truth. They have not yet progressed in their realisation beyond limiting and keeping in check or prolonging the life of an exploitable resource called Mother Nature….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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