The mind

To me, the mind often seems like, let’s say, an elevator mechanic (nothing against elevator mechanics! I do not know any and have no corresponding prejudices. I have only chosen him as an example as someone with a specialized craft, technical and analytical knowledge), who at some point was called to the leading position of a company called „man“. This assembler has spent his previous life only servicing the company elevator and held this position because it suited his personal skills. Now he is at the helm of the swaying corporate steamship and knows nothing about financials, marketing, PR, sales, controlling, human resources, research and development, vertical and horizontal corporate structures and may not even be able to operate the executive phone with its many buttons. So now he sits in this post and runs the company without really being able to get an overview, according to his elevator fitter ideas. And the worst thing is: He knows that this is the case! He knows about his own limitations with regard to the post he holds! Thus he says: „I am to speak for nobody! Only that exists what I comprehend in my world of imagination. Everything else I declare as nonsense and non-existent!“.

So now our mind sits on the manager post and for incomprehensible reasons his colleagues also sit on the same position with almost all other people and that now also for generations. And for even more incomprehensible reasons, the homage paid to this miscast continues to increase. → they are paying homage to themselves, after all. The mind says: „There are only the five senses. There is only what the five senses perceive (and even there I still filter out what fits my imagination). There are only the things. These have a spatial extension and the time goes from the past into the future. Knowledge is the division of all things into always, always smaller pieces and their accumulation. Each of these pieces gets a name. Preferably a foreign word. To gain knowledge means to divide and separate. Every difference, no matter how small, must be recorded, categorized and put into a drawer. Also I am an individual being and spatially limited. After death, there is nothing.“ And everyone pays homage to this knowledge of division and separation. „Knowledge is power!“, The „knowledge society“, the „sciences“, the „knowledge advantage“.

Now it is with the mind, the administrator of the material world, concerning space and time probably as follows:

He sees and hears and feels and tastes and smells only what is within his narrow radius. He can no longer see what is behind the mountain. What happens in the next second, he can not predict with certainty. The present is a moment and what has passed, he is also quickly not so sure whether it was really so. He knows this flaw. But he can’t let it go. For far too long he has been told how irreplaceable and perfect he is as a human mind. He likes to believe that, but deep inside he knows that another voice surpasses him in everything. This voice does not know the borders of space and time. It can look at all places at all times and the worst thing for him is: for it „eternity“ and „infinity“ are clear as crystal. You surely know which voice I am talking about: it is that of our soul.

At least three consequences have grown out of this flaw: the attempt to comprehend and possess everything in the world; the attempt to equal the soul’s abilities and, in more recent times, the attempt to create a world in which the soul, with its perception and voice, no longer plays a role.

In the first consequence the mind tries to attain also a kind of omnipresence by the conquest of all life „spaces“ and the compulsion to create something outlasting him. „If the way through time and space is not free for me, at least I want to be present always („eternally“) and everywhere („infinitely“)!“

If he already does not understand the unity, then he must name all, all things to the smallest. If something has a name, then he knows it. And no longer fears it so much.

In the second consequence, the compulsion for speed and the culture of memory is connected with the mania to want to predict everything prognostically and statistically. What began with riding horses as a means of acceleration now leads to the Internet. In almost real time, one can now be at any place on earth and look at the Tokyo harbor via webcam from Castrop Rauxel and chat with someone in Panama City at the same time. Everyone is present to everyone else. Every mind announces its personal opinion and view about everything to everyone and everywhere. This is how close the mind has now come to its prosthetic fiber-optic, silicon and copper based method of space overcoming soul power. A Frankenstein-like imitation of the abilities of the soul. For this all past has to be documented and all future has to be predicted in order to be able to reach eternity as well.

The third consequence is topical. It concerns the development of computer games and virtual worlds and identities. Augmented one calls this reality now: extended! There the pure mind feels well: A world created only by him, which functions exclusively according to his specifications and which is known to him up to the last building block. Without soul, without the stain of his imperfection, without the gnawing feeling to be actually a stranger in the eternity and infinity. Now in a position of all-encompassing divine power….and finally without doubt…. yet so stale, yet so devoid of true meaning….

For unclear reasons, the voice of the soul is no longer clearly perceptible to us or is superimposed. So that this remains so, the mind operates a kind of „soul bullying“. A sophisticated defamation campaign. How this works can be seen nowadays in offices all over the world. The methods, with which the perceptions of the soul are discredited, are used also one to one with unpleasant humans. They are ignored, insulted, suppressed, disbelieved, ridiculed, and threatened. Our mind in top form. Where as children we were still smiled at when we told about the visit of our animal and invisible friends (which was nothing else than an unclouded perception about our soul sense from otherworldly spiritual forces. I can still remember those beings who came to me during falling asleep, in the phase when the soul dissolves into sleep. One day they stopped coming. And I wondered for a long time why.) so in later years harder guns were brought up. One should not believe such nonsense. One should not fantasize about such fantasies. One should become nevertheless times adult! One is to be taken nevertheless soon no more seriously. Whether one is then probably still correct in the head!

While in archaic cultures the growing up of a child is often accomplished by the fact that it recognizes its soulness and unity with the creation and it becomes acquainted with its spiritual friends and parents who assign it the task in the society, just in our enlightened western knowledge society the soul perceptions are discredited so long, ridiculed, excluded and explained to phantasties (to the matter of faith), until this sense is not perceived any more and instead only the material curriculum with material learning knowledge finds entrance into our perception. You are a single being. There are only the things! To become an adult means the negation of the soulness.

I don’t even want to talk about the delusional finding of meaning in this society in buying and owning meaningless things and the often joyless spending of one’s life time for the purpose of acquiring money to buy and own meaningless things.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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