Our mind does not set us apart – on the contrary

The mind is a tool to support the survival instinct. There is no difference between it and a sharp-clawed tiger’s paw, a gazelle’s leg muscles, or a shark’s teeth. Therefore, the mind must be considered and treated exactly as such: As a tool, to be used in emergency situations, in which it enables us to survive by acquiring food, fleeing or defending ourselves, and to be left in the weapon’s holster when food is available and security is given, in order to give room for rest, contemplation and soul power. For the perception of God and unity.

Therefore, there is no difference between humans and animals except in the way they are equipped with tools for survival. The mind does not lift us from the animals. On the contrary, it only ranks us as beings who are helplessly at the mercy of their earthly compulsions and have to react in fear and pain. The mind is only a weapon. Material, one-sided and therefore imperfect. The mind enables us to become ravening beasts. The fatal thing is only that the principle of our material society keeps us in a permanent emergency situation. Therefore, man is forced to be permanently a tearing beast, senseless with fear and rage. This condition of the people strengthens again the impression of a threat situation with the individual and leads into an escalation spiral without end.

The mind has created a system in which it produces the threatening situation itself in order to be able to react to it with fear and violence. It creates its own raison d’être and its right to be able to act permanently and not to let anyone else take the helm.

It is a fortunate circumstance that man is still forced to sleep. In this time the mind rests. He is therefore also anxious to abolish this „inefficient“ and him extremely worrying state as far as possible. – – The nimble legs are mostly still. The tearing catches are mostly closed. The mind… the mind never rests.

Who perceives only materially can react exclusively in the survival instinct. He has no other options, because there is only this one possibility in the material existence.

Whoever perceives soulfully, pain, fear, anger and hatred fade away. The one sees the world in its wholeness. He sees it in its unity and no longer has to fight for his material survival against self-created enemies without rest. He is content with food and security. He knows that more unites him with the people than separates him from them. He withdraws from the world of the eternally and always tearing beasts as well as he can and works on the level of the soul. Some sacrifice themselves for the redemption of the one-sidedly blinded, so that they can still experience a breath of the truth.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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