Man has always to improve something

To want to make something easy means to want to improve something. To want to improve something results from the prognosis that the use of life energy necessary for the improvement leads to a future relief and thus to less use of life energy in the improved concern in the future. Already in the early times of man it behaved in such a way and if there were not the resources for the improvement locally, then they were imported already at that time. Special rock for the blade production, later iron ore. This was the beginning of trade. Thus began the exchange and a cycle and flow determined by man. A change of the elemental forces beyond his own horizon, because the iron and the stone from far away became materially improved things by the use of his life energy (work), which could develop their material properties of separation better than at their place of origin and in their original state. That is improvement. To help the things by use of life energy to a more in „materiality“. And with it to help the human being who possesses these things, who controls them, to a more materiality. The man with the knife is more able to separate than the man with the stone. Or than the one with bare hands. Thus, almost all of man’s actions today, which go beyond the satisfaction of basic needs, serve either to increase the materiality of his environment or to whitewash its consequences. Only a small remainder of our actions is based on soul.

The bird that smashes the shell of the snail on a stone uses the stone to increase its ability to separate. But he does not bring the stone near or work on it. The leopard drags the rest of his prey up into a tree to increase his ability to separate. But he does not plant the tree or change it. Both bird and leopard take what nature has in store for them.

Man’s actions originally served to satisfy basic needs. He was at peace. Then came the improvements that first facilitated this satisfaction. The better knife was made from the better imported stone, then the manufacturing process and the availability of the knife in the clan was improved, then the techniques of use of the knife were improved, the trade of the knives was improved and through this again things were obtained that made it possible to improve the materiality in other areas and so it went on. In time, these improvements led to an influence on the world that man could no longer oversee. The action was determined only by an increase of the materiality. Ultimately also with the goal to get the disorder, which man caused by his „improvements“ and his short-sighted and egocentric confusion of the elemental forces, by further increased degrees of materiality again into the grasp. The knife also served no longer only for the hunt, it served now also to make other people docile and to add their life energy, their materiality to the own. Today the whole world is almost completely materialized by a few – indeed by matter itself – its life energy used for the purposes of these few. All others still act to satisfy their basic needs but predominantly to numb the pain caused by the deprivation of their life energy. They act in the struggle lonely for survival. They fight against becoming fully materialized themselves. To be made into a thing of highest materiality and lowest ensouledness. To improve therefore means to desoul.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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