Material hunger has been satisfied among us. Now materialistic humanity suffers from a spiritual hunger. Only it does not know it.

The enslaved masses now produce for themselves. That is the trick. Everyone can now be materially satisfied and the rich are no longer afraid.

Slaves they still are. And after the denial of the soul, also only machines.

The social question of people’s equal participation in things appears to us as somehow solved. Now it is the spiritual question. Man’s participation in his soulfulness. The development of a society in which he is also allowed to satisfy this immaterial hunger. This society can never be capitalist.

And just as the Western masses are kept peaceful with things, so too are attempts made to keep other states peaceful with things, money. Only the system on which the production of things is based is so remote from people, soulless and full of hatred, that the pain-filled state of man, anaesthetised with things, cannot be kept permanently peaceful.

In addition to things, which naturally became the exclusive focus of the means of „salvation“ due to early capitalism, wars and the impoverishment of the masses, there is a need in human beings for all-embracing love, for unity.

Because of the decreasing discrepancy between the normal and the rich, the valid reading is that all are free and well. The other is that it is now clear that all, including the rich, are slaves to the system, for they all work for the soulless master and languish in the denial of their soul to which they are forced by the dogma of materialism. Enough, rich or richer, all are in the pain of a hunger insatiable with things.

This purely egoistic materialism, which pays homage to the survival instinct of the individual, is not yet fully recognised as such because it is believed that the equal distribution of goods would be the fulfilment of Christian teaching and that all would thereby become brothers. The churches have contributed their part to this fallacy, whose focus is also on goods, on externals, on power, violence and possessions, which represent an anti-Christian doctrine. The teaching of Christ, which sends us on a lifelong path of salvation to God via the Sermon on the Mount, is ignored in the materialistic reading of the churches. As a result, all public, spoken knowledge about our path to God has disappeared in materialism. Science sees the materialistic and superstitious popanza of the churches, sees this as probably the idea of God and soul, shrugs its shoulders in perplexity and turns away from the knowledge of ensoulment. And the person who knows of this deep within himself, but cannot put it into words and deeds, and if so, is not really allowed to, suffers in pain and, satiated with dead things, takes refuge in hysteria, anger, hatred and depression. Regardless of the bank account.

Now an attempt is being made to absorb the other states of the world and their inhabitants into the soulless system as peaceful and half-sated consumer slaves, half, inwardly uprooted, confused and fear-filled, doing their capitalist duty. If the system of soul-material integratedness were already effective in world consciousness, then the people of the earth could voluntarily follow, be whole, be in mind, be in the fulfilment of their needs. This system would not be a human system, as materialism is not, in which the world is only a resource to be used for self-interest, but it would be the cosmic system of unity, in which man joins in humility and knowledge.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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