The cosmic origin of man must be made conscious to him again

The world’s economic powers recently announced that extreme poverty in the world has been on the decline for years. It sounds good at first. But what is the price? A new army of unfree people, who will be incorporated into the materialistic-capitalistic slave society? An army of new people who are now allowed to toil just above starvation wages in permanent fear of the withdrawal of mercy by the powerful? People who are kept alive as long as they keep their nose to the grindstone and do not rebel? People from whom it is expected that they are obligingly grateful and capitulate before the power of the money, deliver themselves to the grace of the material insanity and do obligingly what they are told? – – Are you never satisfied!? Do you always have something to complain about? – No. I am never satisfied like that. Yesterday someone told me about a region in India. There the children get an initiation before they go to school. In this initiation the children learn that they are „cosmic“ – cosmic, united with everything, never alone. If you know that you are „cosmic“, then you can begin to learn and what you learn will serve the Cosmos – All. No learning in the consciousness of being a meaningless bio-physical machine and that the love of your own mother is only a bio-chemical process, which must lead to immediate madness, because of its monstrosity. No existence in this madness, in which only raging and killing time with sensual but senseless absurdities is possible. No society like this society of slaves of the matter, of the money. – If the world would be led in the „cosmic“ consciousness, then the world hunger and the poverty would be eliminated long ago and none of these people would be in dependence and would have to be afraid of his neighbor any more. And nobody would boast of this achievement.

It would be very simple to begin with. You could simply start by letting the children meditate for half an hour before school starts. As a beginning. In time, many of these children would realize for themselves that they are „cosmic“ and then act like it. That would be something. One could call this esoteric nonsense „promotion of the concentration ability and the stress resistance“. Then it is surely accepted also by the most materially blinded slave parents for their children.

But that is not done. Strange, isn’t it? Frightening, isn’t it? There is only the learning of „facts“ with the funnel and the threat with the merciless judgments of the school grades. Only equalizing mass production with elimination of the defective products by the quality control and their use in the discounted B-goods assortment. Direct further processing of the quality-controlled goods in the universities and factories with subsequent, if possible, immediate delivery of the final product to the purchaser for consumption (complaints and return for „refurbish“ if not satisfied is desired) and later disposal of the human material when the „end-of-life cycle“ is reached. Frightening, isn’t it? That this should be life in the eyes of the materially blinded? What is supposed to come out of this other than what we see today? Just as we ourselves order goods, check them, judge them, use them or send them back and throw them away, so it is done with people. – There no world economic power can boast anything. To put the sobrero against the sun to the poor tied on his chair and at the same time to light a fire under his feet. To adulate oneself with the giving away of sombreros and to present the charred feet as the God-given price for it. Am I supposed to be satisfied with that?! If one would start today to make all children in the world experience that they are „cosmic“ – only in addition. No fear. Nobody wants to take the fact learning from them -, then the world could begin to look differently in hundred years. That would be something for the UNESCO or UNO or G10 or G$ or NATO or whoever thinks to serve the welfare of mankind.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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