The big toe

„It is only religions that I reject.“ a young woman brought to atheism by her childhood in the Catholic environment of Cologne once wrote to me. „I often find spiritual people fascinating. I even envy them a little for their gift.“

I said something like the following to her in response: Dear Sabine, spirituality is not a gift offered only to the chosen. Spirituality is a natural part of every human being. It is the gift of every human being, given to them from birth. By whomever.

Spirituality is like our big toe. We usually don’t pay attention to it. It usually does its job without complaint and completely inconspicuously. Only when we consciously look at it or stub it do we notice it – consciously. But even otherwise we are always connected to it. Knowing, without having to think about it, that it is there. We notice its effects. Namely our stable gait. And we accept it as it is. Without any big toe-raging.

But there is a global perception that denies the existence of the big toe. A world view that thinks our stable gait comes from our mind alone and that we should all come to the conclusion that there is no big toe and say goodbye to this childish idea. If we want to be taken seriously as adult and enlightened realists.

Now man, as he has been told, limps unsteadily through the world with his big toes turned up. Does his best to do without the big toe. This natural part of him. This natural gift of every human being.

The high priests of this doctrine – they often have no big toes due to birth defect or they were amputated early in their childhood. You can’t blame them for thinking the way they do – pointing proudly to a world in burn out, depression, mistrust, lies, manipulation, war of everyone against everyone, war against nature, war against one’s inner being, climate catastrophe and merciless corporate power for power and property. A society in madness. In self-destruction mode. Full of hatred for themselves and everything around them. And they say: „We are not limping after all! We are advancing towards the pinnacle of humanity’s development! Nobody needs this old wives‘ tale about the big toe.“

Dear Sabine, we had such an honest and trusting conversation last week. Among strangers. Trust is an effect of spiritual connection. Just as the stable gait is an effect of the working of the big toe. Only those who are connected to their inner knowing – whether they know it or not – can trust. Trust is devotion. And devotion is founded in the knowledge of meaning, of unity. The mind, on the other hand, knows only two modes: If someone or something is useful to it, then it appropriates and controls it. If it cannot absorb and control it, then it removes it. For him, there is no trust. At best, he has temporary alliances in what for him is an all-pervasive struggle for naked survival.

But you can also trust. And surrender. So you walk with the help of your big toe. And if you want your „gift“ to flourish, then learn to perform more consciously again, to rely more on your big toe again. If you do that, then you will walk through your life – easily. Lightly. With dignity. Free. Full of love for your neighbour and for the whole of creation….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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