The god of power

Next to the god of matter and the god of money, there is another one: it is the god of power. At the power it is lonely it is called. It is also called hunger for power. Rightly so. The god of the power is the god of the insatiable pain, because never for the powerful one his loneliness will be so perfect that he could not feel the pain any more. By consuming and further consuming without end he tries to satisfy this pain, his gnawing hunger. The materialistic system created by this God who envelops all matter supports the powerful one in it. After all, the denial of the soul is the elementary basis of all actions founded in this system and leaves no room for anything other than pain, fear, anger and hatred in all their manifestations. Thus power is always founded in maximizing separation by all possible „permitted“ means. Thus, there is no fundamental difference between Hitler and Stalin, the exterminators of millions, and modern large corporations and their managers in this regard. If Hitler and Stalin had already extended power to such an extent that there was no longer any „right“ around them that could have prevented them from nursing their pain – they were allowed to do everything because everything was in their power – the corporations still have to escape to regions where the law is weaker and their power is more maximal than at present with us, and there they pursue separation all the more intensively and resolutely.

If with Hitler and the Nazis the rage and the hatred were still apparently directed mainly against the Jews – had they identified the Jews as the culprits for their pain and their fear and had prepared everything in such a way and stoked up the rage in such a way that their annihilation (punishment) could take place in the feeling of the full right -, Stalin already wanted to grind his whole people to dust and to exterminate them mercilessly by making his whole people millions of disposable means of production. Trials were often no longer even made with both. There was already no need for any semblance of consideration and proof. There was no one left to whom one would have been accountable. Guilt and punishment were absolute. The hatred likewise. There was only one thing. Where nothing else exists anymore, there is no need to weigh. Justice held only a rope in her hand and no more scales.

Today’s corporations, as perfect representatives of the material principle, hate the other corporation and likewise all people in this world, because these are opposed to the longed-for loneliness – the lonely power. Hate means: to want to punish by annihilation. The people and the other corporations are inevitably made out as culprits (anger) for the everlasting pain of separation (fear), alone by the fact that they exist. The world corporations would be willing to do anything to anyone, to inflict any punishment (hatred) on anyone, if it could be done without consequence and if it would serve their compulsive urge for separation (in the form of maximum accumulation of possessions, money and power). That is, if they could rule openly and without thereby harming themselves with fear and force, as Hitler and Stalin did it: They would do it without the feeling of guilt and in the full feeling of the right, because what would they do then other than to fulfill the divine commandment of separation, to which they have committed themselves and after which everything is aligned with them. Without alternative, so to speak. The destruction of existences and lives in Asian sweatshops or in African iridium mines has the same basis as the actions of Hitler, Stalin, Sadam Hussein and the other lonely ones. The only difference is in the motives given.

Our social societies consist of people whose perception about the sense of soul is still present to a certain extent and who, through their perception of trust, humility and love, seek to oppose the methods of the god of power in their ultimate consequence. Knowing the circumstances under which certain products in the Third World come about, surely the moral compass tells many that they cannot support the producer of that product and the manner of its production by purchasing it. They are allowed to do so within limits. They are currently needed as buyers and as a new brood of high priests of the god of money and the god of power. Thus, there must be no unrest among them. One must gently accommodate their still existing soul perceptions with some „feelgood“ and a bit of freedom of choice. A balancing act. In contrast, Hitler needed people as lonely soldiers back then – hate was enough – and Stalin didn’t need them at all – fear was enough. Our today’s companies have to imitate – by circumstance – still a little soul (love, unity, security, blah, blah, blah…) in order to hold the balance so long, until also openly to fear, rage and hate can be gone over with us. They create this horrible imitation of soul through the products they offer to people and their promotion in the media. This imitation is so full of dripping kitsch and loud and garish, so devoid of love and knowledge and humility and power. So devoid of unity and real security. It is like someone who has only seen sharp-edged black stones in their life trying to draw a flower. A drawing by someone who doesn’t know how a flower smells, moves, feels and who is basically deeply disgusted by the feeling of having to see smell and feel something like a flower. Even worse: to have to experience it mentally. A grotesque is created in this way. A horrible mask. The people who are dependent on the materialistic consumption system try to eat this imitation put in front of them in their desperation as soul food – and fall ill from it.

But this is only a transition. If the people are no longer needed by the God of Power here in a halfway calm and stable manner, then this resource-intensive „soul food“ imitation will also be discontinued. Instead of smartphones and Playstations and fancy mobile homes, only water will then be sold to us. As long as it can still be extracted cheaply. After that, dust will be sold. It will lie in the fields and won’t even have to be transported. Why the trouble with this disgusting fun and happy family friendship business? No one has to be wooed anymore.

Achieving the maximum profit margin and increasing market power over the opposing company justifies acting accordingly in our system and blinded society. A mental cloak, which – until now – is still granted to us, portrays the openly and unadorned acting and bloodshedding dictators as irrational maniacs, although they have perfected the methods of the god of power and the corporations long to be allowed to act in this „freedom“ as well. Once this „freedom“ is attained, it will no longer be called irrational madness or megalomania or insanity or psychopathic or anything else, but somehow different. It will be a word that will pay homage to the god of power. – – But maybe they will call it mental illness after all, when there is nothing left to gloss over and no one left to tactically blind. Maybe they will shout, „Finally we can admit it! At last we can admit it to ourselves, because there is no one left but us: we are soulless lunatics! We are the damned of a damned world! And now, finally, it’s over. Everything is destroyed. There is only us left. Finally we can go. At last we may die and then arise anew, inspired. At last this nightmare has come to an end! At last the end has come!“

The ultimate reason for concentration camps, gulags and commodity production thus lies in the attainment of maximized soulless material power; It lies in the attempt to quench one’s own pain and at some point finally be alone and not be reminded of the separation by any counterpart through its mere presence. Deep inside, the powerful are all dominated by the god of pain – for that is the second name of the god of power – and full of fear, anger and hatred. They are dominated by the basis for annihilation, for desecration, as the god of pain demands. The last one they hate but cannot punish is themselves. For they cannot get rid of themselves. Until the lonely end.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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