The spirit in dealing with „disabled“ people

In Germany, citizens are classified by the authorities as healthy or disabled as young children.

The healthy citizens then go to the so-called mainstream school and are chased there by parents and the state on their meteoric, straightforward and unstoppable path to the highest possible performance in their working lives.

The people classified as disabled are sub-categorised as e.g. physically, mentally or learning disabled and sent to the so-called special school (formerly: special school) corresponding to their sub-categories. By sorting them in this way, they do not disturb the interests of the capitalist-anxiety-panic parents who want to see their high-performance kids in a soulless – safe – alpha job as quickly and efficiently as possible. Or have to… Or think they have to.

This special school system only exists in Germany, by the way. Nowhere else in the world is there such a continuous state, automated selection. By the way.

Of the disabled people at the „remedial“ schools – by the way – over 70 percent leave these state institutes without any school-leaving qualifications. So the special treatment does not seem to be very successful and the state servant’s duty of care towards his sovereign does not seem to be very pronounced.

Now, this over 70 per cent of special school leavers without a school-leaving certificate is not a complete reject. – In capitalism, there is actually no such thing as a reject. Every bit of life energy is somehow usable for its own purposes. – In Germany, the disabled who have no school-leaving qualifications are nevertheless made available to industry for use. In workshops for the disabled.
The UN warned years ago that this system should be abolished. But now… By the way.
In these workshops, disabled people without qualifications do work for a large number of companies. Also armament companies. Since they are not employees, but only somehow „employed“ (in the original sense of the word literally), they are not entitled to a minimum wage. Instead, they earn an average of 1.35 € per hour. This includes the surcharge that companies pay to buy themselves out of the disability quota in their companies. They then do not have to employ „their own“ disabled people.
The surcharge, called the compensatory levy, is not that high. Any entrepreneur can quickly come to the conclusion that this monetary indulgence is more calculable than having a bunch of disabled and potentially low-performing MAs in the house.
Well, capitalism has never been able to count on living people. That is outside its principle. It can only do dead numbers or – machines. Probably also human machines. But the main thing is machines. So the main thing is dead.
And, by the way, those who have their products made in these workshops can reduce their compensatory levy again… Total win for the companies that don’t employ any disabled people at all… No disabled employees of their own in the company, but goods produced by disabled people in the workshops at the lowest possible cost…

These workshops for the disabled are subsidised with several billion euros of taxpayers‘ money every year. By the way. According to the law, they serve to prepare people for integration into the labour market. In 2020, 80 people were placed in the labour market. Out of approx. 300,000, by the way.

So in general a great favourable thing for corporations: German structures. No right to strike. No disabled people among their own employees. Unbeatably cheap Third World-oriented dumping wages.

A great thing for ordinary Germans: the disabled in their own ghettos. Don’t disturb the performance of their own offspring. And you don’t have to see them in schools and workplaces either.

So you get rid of them. And you also profit from it.

From living together as human beings, from accepting otherness, from recognising the inner core of a human being and this value. Living qualities apart from the capitalist Maximum Performance… not a trace. Well…., Maximum Performance only for the God Capitalism. Nothing else matters anymore. By the way.

This principle of selection existed 90 years ago – no Nazi polemics. It is simply the same spirit, the clean and efficient, the maximum efficient -. At that time, those who were not wanted to be seen, those who disturbed, those who could not quite follow the direction in which the body of the people was marching ideologically, were also sorted out, made invisible – and also utilised to the maximum by industry.

Okay. The methods have changed with the times. It has been learned that – in our latitudes at least – one must no longer crudely flay someone to death. Not so publicly. And certainly not the disabled. In those days they were directly liquidated as unworthy low performance life.

But… then it was the dogma of the high performance race in the fight against the other peoples and for its own survival, which tolerated no weakening in this fight, to which the disabled all fell victim – directly or after their last spark of life had been made available for industry and then blown out.

Now it is the dogma of the high performance individual fighter in the service of his corporate master in the fight against the other companies and for his own survival that does not allow the slightest weakening of performance – in the corporate and capitalist social body, so to speak. Be it through disabled fellow-students or disabled fellow-workers. The spirit… yes, the spirit is always the same… Maximum performance for the struggle for survival. Be it states, companies or individuals.

Nowadays, through early selection and subsequent special treatment, the disabled no longer stand in the way, just as they did then… and yet they are still cheap to spend. Tax money is predominantly paid by others, so it can also be used to subsidise this sorting and segregation system. The gods of the world, the corporations, are making a profit, profit, profit.

Of course, those who are sorted out are no longer physically destroyed. Are also subsidised, because tax money costs the companies nothing. Nowadays they are simply exploited and so often socially and humanly destroyed. People need society in order to be healthy and happy. For a sentient human being, exclusion is always connected with the experience of suffering.

Now the healthy children can make their rapid ascent without being handicapped. Like a New Year’s Eve rocket, ignited by a stranger and with a hellish whistling sound, they can fly into the ice-cold black night sky at 12 o’clock on the dot and disappear again with a dry bang and a brief flash of light.

Now the companies can buy themselves free of the ballast of an unpredictable horde of not completely capitalistically drilled people and thus enter the material battles for market power and maximum performance with their synchronised, maximally optimised mercenaries. Yes, can even still use the capitalist-social ballast as a strategic means of cost optimisation entirely according to their diabolical textbook of MiniMax!
Can be the projectile that quickly penetrates the market with maximum impact supersonic, dragging customers along as prey and driving through the competitor’s heart, knocking him fatally off his feet. And all this without a single handicapped potential low performer standing in the way!

The spirit, the spirit,…. The spirit of world domination, the spirit of maximum possible monopoly, which demands maximum power and commitment and dedication of life, it is the same in the ideology of the Third Reich and the ideology of the capitalist system. It becomes clear in the details. Because the details, if you look at them one by one, are taken from the all-clouding mush with which the merciless cruelty of capitalism is attempted to be smeared. The details show that there has been no real development of society at its roots.

Germany is rich. It affords itself this expensive system of exclusion, so seemingly encouraging and subsidising. What will happen when resources become scarcer? When the fear of distribution gets into people’s bones?

Well, what happens when our „modern“ society becomes panic-stricken is what we saw with open-mouthed amazement during Corona and the Ukraine war. There was only one performance left. All dissenters came into the intellectual camp and were forcibly silenced in various ways.

This is what happens when fear rules. When, in panic, one sees only one direction and nothing is allowed to exist that could even be in any way obstructive. Like open democratic discourse, for example, which needs time, patience and understanding.
Instead: All pulling in the same direction with maximum performance. Everything disruptive gone. The – end – justifies – the means… Everything is allowed in fear. Everything is then allowed again… And fear is the principle that keeps capitalism going. Better: that keeps people running in capitalist materialism. And instinctively always makes people act in the same exclusionary way.

It is only the excess of resources – accumulated at the expense of disadvantaged states – that maintains social peace. It is given materially to all, including the handicapped, because the result is cheaper and more predictable to achieve than if – obvious – violence were used to immobilise the masses.

But… when resources become scarcer, the military will patrol the streets again… and people will ask how much goodness we can afford to show to the zero performers in these times….
If you live in a society that cultivates fear, then the structure is always very, very shaky….

Only if we can be free of fear as a society, then it is possible not only to stare at maximum survival performance and no longer turn ourselves and our children into rockets ignited by others, which perish far from the earth in the freezing cold in a short flash, senseless. Only if we can be free of fear can we perhaps be an infinite number of little table fireworks, all of them, together on one table, illuminating and warming each other and all bystanders for a long time. A high performance in width and not in lonely and hostile height.

Then children of foreigners, disabled children and „normal“ children can learn together in the schools. And above all, they will learn to take their fellow pupils with them, to support them, to accompany them, to give them and to go with them joyfully into a common future.
Into a future without lonely high performers, but with broad and embracing loving, strong and laughing fear-free people – who don’t, once times become more difficult, automatically and machine-like programmed, sharpen the knife in panic to preserve their own little lives at the expense of everyone and everything.

And fear free,…. We can only become free of fear if we allow our soulfulness to return to all our lives. Our knowledge of meaning, of eternity and infinity. That is the only way. No path of technology and no path of morality will be able to free us from fear and free us from the mechanisms of our survival instinct.
A social system based exclusively on fearful superiority over one’s neighbour, on the panic struggle of each against the other at all levels of society, compulsively demands individual maximum performance. Otherwise, according to the panic-ridden logic, another, stronger ultra-maximal performer could come along and whack you.

So in this institutionalised fight to the death, there is no room for the slightest weakness. Not on principle. It hasn’t even been proven that pupils in inclusive classes learn worse. But the possibility is enough. And if the mistake had been made once: then all would be lost for the child in this world of merciless capitalism. Then the fatal, the ultimate and irreversible mistake would have been made. Then it would be better to cut it off preventively on suspicion. Play it safe. Survival. That is the only thing that counts. At the expense of others? Ultimately no problem in capitalist logic. They are employed and fed. That’s enough. Enough for us personally, too, in the end… …until everything collapses and fear-obsessed violence reigns again.

This is one facet of the insane path into the abyss on which humanity, repressed and self-lied to, currently finds itself.

Only the experience of our soulfulness will enable us to develop further as human beings and as humanity. will enable us – in view of our unrestrained work of destruction towards our basis of life – to survive at all. A survival in which the fear of death is no longer in the foreground. Life. Real, powerful, whole life. In love for creation, for fellow human beings, for oneself….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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