The egoism of the eternal child

The wandering man – and also the free animal – took what he needed from nature for his livelihood. He excreted it again after use. It fell as skin scales, hair or fingernails of him again down to the earth. At the end his whole physical existence went back and his life breath united again in the soul unity. His taking was low and continuous. His giving was balanced and also small and continuous.

Today is taken with machine power. More than we could ever give back. Even the machines are already transformations, which cannot simply return to earth, which already distort the cycle themselves and likewise originated from something taken, which we also already can no longer balance and give back during our existence.

The circuits are no longer round. They are no longer in harmony. If the circuits in which we move are no longer in harmony, then our life is no longer in harmony and we are forced to take life from our fellow human beings in order to balance the imbalance that lies in our whirling circles. We need this life energy of others for our own purposes and therefore cannot give anything back to the abused and thus balance it out. However, by separating the life energy from our fellow human beings, our spin does not improve. It becomes different and actually it becomes worse and worse. The separation continues to increase. The linearity, the distance from the circles, keeps increasing. Our mind looks at this and says encouragingly and surely and firmly, „That’s it!“ But even he now sometimes has doubts about where all this is going. But he has no answers, because he does not listen to anyone other than himself, because he denies everything except himself.

The only natural one-sidedness in taking is that of the infant and toddler. They may and must take selfishly until they have the abilities to actively participate in the cycle, until they are able to act and give back.

Adult egoism takes advantage of this. It becomes more and more childish and shows strikingly and blatantly, so that everyone can see it, how naive and innocent and vulnerable it supposedly is in its childishness. That is the obvious. His diamond hardness, his icy coldness, his scalpel-like and steely sharpness, his uncompromising mercilessness in taking and abusing, that is the not so obvious.

Play, fun and excitement, no responsibility, no accountability and always sucking on mother’s breast. This is ensured by the mixture of the egoism of the helpless child and the massive assertiveness of the adult ego. This is the basis for the abuse of the whole creation. This is the consequence of the fact that the individual human being is no longer assigned a position in the unity of creation by his community. The eternal child can smash everything. Who then wants to blame him for this?

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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