The character type of the „guardian“ – Juli V

Juli is ultimately what is needed in a pack of dogs. As one of several functions that ensure the existence of the pack. Her disposition is called „guardian“.

By nature she is active, alert, restless, attentive, suspicious, full of her five senses, forward going, selfish, advantage seeking, survivalist, ready to attack. Without a real overview. Reacting reflexively from a split second or planned for their own advantage. Only instinct or selfish cunning. Absolutely no use like that. A burden to any group.

Only through education does she become a useful part of the community. What she has to learn – often the hard way at first, because the ego only knows this – is not much: She is in a safe environment in her pack. She can trust. She is cared for. She has to be subordinate to the lead dogs. She has no far-reaching decisions to make, because she can’t. She has to serve the pack, just as all the others contribute with their abilities to the permanent preservation of the pack.

Without the education of their peers and the guidance of the lead dogs – who are not the strongest and most brutal or anything, but socially highly competent thinkers and analysts born to make decisions and lead – the guardians, left to their own devices, would be at the mercy of madness. Danger would lurk for them everywhere. They could never rest. Always ready to attack. Always attacking. Using their senses only for their brief advantage, they would race madly through life in the chaos of their five senses and bloodlust. Until they would drop dead on their own or perhaps a human would shoot them. That would be the result if they were their own leaders in their own world. Julis must thus never be one thing: Leaders.

Where do we find these characters in the human world? They are our leaders. The leaders of the states, of the companies, of the banks, of the world!

If there is one thing these characters must never be, it is leaders! It is a horde of julis, of physically full-grown strong-fanged watchdog babies with no overview and no education in humility towards the real leaders, who impose their world of insane distrust, selfishness and eternal unrest on us. How do they do it? That is also a characteristic of the uneducated July (and that of the psychopaths): they do not give up in their frenzy. Never. They go crazy and go for it. If you fight back, they go after you. If you fight back harder, they go after you again. Without end. To control them, you have to limit them massively with one blow. Make them incapable of acting. Then they can rest. Shortly. You have to start early. Then it’s still a gentle process. The later you start it in their life, the harder, the harder it becomes. Juli’s upbringing involved a lot of ego-limitation. This educational goal has been wisely abolished by our human mad leaders. And so they multiply and multiply and everyone else thinks that’s just the way life is….

The watchmen are supposed to watch. But how, where and when they do it – and why – they must leave that to those who have the overview. But the watchmen have not learned that. They were neglected at some point and somewhere, out of some circumstance, to continue teaching it to them. From there they have begun their campaign across the world. And they have won, for their hardship is infinite, for their fear is infinite, for their ego is infinite. The fear of the lonely children in the dark.

Perhaps one day the real leaders too will have disappeared. When man had left his paradise and suddenly thought he only had to fight. But now the world is our subject. We no longer have to fear them. It is time for the true leaders to come back and recreate paradise for all.

The guardians must be integrated into the group consciousness. Their fear neutralised, overcome. They must never be alone. Now they are with us, creating fear after fear after fear. In order to secure – quite, quite unconsciously – their right to exist for all eternity. Because: Who would still need them if there was peace?!

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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