The word of wealth is both fuel for the machines and a necessary factor in the circle of life of materialism

In times when man was used and gutted like cattle by the church and princes, where he had to think what he was told – where actually the thinking of prince and pope was not regarded as his business at all and where he quickly landed in the dungeon or on the scaffold if he thought the wrong thing – where he had to lay down his life in bloody wars because of the emotional state of the lord and where he (and his children) were allowed to starve to death in front of and in the factories – like cattle – in later years or to physically destroy himself 19 hours a day for the benefit of an industrial lord, in those times of physical, external pain, the longed-for freedom lay in the freedom of the body – of action – and in the freedom of the mind – of thought. The pain was to be allowed to go and the ego, the individual, to expand. By any means necessary. Murder, manslaughter, strike and revolution. With all material means. After all, other people, so deeply entrenched in pain, did not come to consciousness. They wanted to be a full, free machine. An autonomous machine. The question of one’s own soulfulness and the resulting consequences did not arise. The main thing was to be full and pain-free. Those were the thoughts.

This development took place – so far and apparently. They are all full now. They are also free to move, to think, to express themselves, to act. Their own, maximally individualised master is themselves. With narrow tolerance thresholds and a high level of aggression, should another challenge their rule in only one opinion. Autonomous and physically painless machines they are now. They rest on this, generally avoiding the word machine. Everything has been achieved! Freedom everywhere!

Everywhere? The machine in the machine hall, the computer in the data centre, they only know themselves. Not even themselves. They stomp or hum along and if they have a defect, they don’t notice it. They run on and on. Until the bearings burst howling, until the processor melts. Who gets hit by the iron parts, whether the computer centre burns down: that doesn’t interest them. That is being a machine. Alone, unaware of itself, disinterested in its neighbour. Only in a predetermined function.

If in the meantime there were still thinkers who saw God anchored in the world, outside the power-hungry official churches that had used man in this way, this perception hardly plays a role in these times of maximum forced individualisation. Guidance from outside and then not even in a machine way via the five senses is no longer *thinkable*. Not conceivable… Where is the freedom of thought then? Not that man is not allowed to think. That he is more than a machine. But he is not taught it. He is taught to be a machine. And since an experience of God takes place outside the five senses, it is made sure that he never has space and time to know anything about that sense. Always he has to be busy. Always in action. Always in worry and fear. The free man… Now he has a new master. A master who programs the computers, who puts the machines together in the hall, defines the production line and, if necessary, disposes of old machines and orders new ones. The machines are now called worker, employee, teacher, child, pupil, student, politician, husband, wife, manager, company owner. They all think – or so they have been taught – that they are maximally free. But this thought is only the lubricating oil for them, the machines. The thought that they are happy is also of this quality. The word of prosperity is both fuel for the machines and a necessary factor in the circle of life of materialism. Like a company that produces lubricating oil, which its own machines then need to run.

So who is the new master? It is materialism, its child capitalism. The soulless. Only it rules the world and everything has been made by it into a factor for its survival, carried out by its well-oiled and well-adjusted machines.

In the days of the princes, the divine in man still ruled by his side. But materialism knew no stopping. As it still does today. And it pressed and pressed and ate and ate. On and on and more and more mercilessly. The machine that knows no stop and no mercy. And the human being got so caught up in pain that he forgot the security of his soulfulness. And thus also became a machine. That was the way it was meant to be.

Now matter rules over everything. And everyone is blinded and shouts: we are so free! Yet they are more bound than ever. For they are lonelier than they have ever been, more deceived than they were by the Church. And they do not know it…

Freedom on the outside alone leads to new domination by the law of things. It only allows man to be a machine. Without the knowledge of divine guidance, without the knowledge of one’s own soulfulness, without divine inspiration and the knowledge of unity, there is no real freedom for the human being of body and soul.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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