This is actually a useful mechanism

Mr. K., more and more people seem to be weary of the pandemic response. Can people even maintain a state of alert for so many months?

Jan K.: If we didn’t suppress things that scare us, we wouldn’t survive at all. If you were constantly thinking about the fact that you’re rushing through a universe on a planet and don’t know exactly what the point of it all is, then most people would probably go crazy.

This is actually a useful mechanism.

… from an online contribution. Displacement is certainly the most useful mechanism in capitalism. Only: If we don’t see the world as it is, if we don’t see it fully, then we will live a wasted life….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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