The energy animal

An animal, let us call it energy animal, which instead of laying eggs could throw atomic bombs 100 kilometres away and detonate them there, and which by means of a chemical ejection could liquefy entire forests and the entire landscape flora and fauna of a vast area into a mush that is nutritious for it, would have an immeasurable and also destructive potential through these possibilities of using and utilising energy.

Assuming that it now still had a dominant military strategic-tactical targeting and analysis system with maximum attack and defence functions called MIND, whose very sole and only task is to secure naked physical individual survival at absolutely any cost, then one is certainly well advised not to attract the slightest suspicion of this being. Not to come into its sights.
This is no different in the presence of a tiger without MIND, but instead armed with muscles, claws and fangs, for a start.
The decisive difference between the tiger and the energy animal is that it has MIND and MIND knows, at every moment, that, firstly, the next moment can be its last – and, secondly, that death will come at some point and inevitably despite all the struggle and use of energy….

The tiger does not know this. That is why its teeth, claws and muscles can rest most of the time.

In the survival system MIND, the realisation of the permanent threat of death leads to the decision that the environment must be controlled to the maximum around the clock. In this case, first of all, through a thousand-kilometre-wide cordon of nuclear-contaminated earth. Then no one can approach from the outside.

But then you still have your peers on the inside. Since everyone but you is a potentially deadly danger, you first bomb away those with whom you can do it safely. You form temporary alliances, called society (with views valid for all, called culture), to protect yourself against those outside, break these alliances again when it seems convenient and nuke the dangerous ex-allies at the next convenient opportunity. – When it is not more useful to use them to produce warheads or food mush by threatening them with death (another variant of society and culture) . MIND is not one-sided. Also calculates plus and not just minus. Getting more energy than you invest gives you a decisive advantage in the long run.

You can trip over roots, you can fall into pits. All deadly traps in the sights of the perpetually warring target and analysis system MIND. Nature must be bombed to a uniform level. Then you might not break your neck tomorrow.

All this atomising costs energy, of course. So whatever flora and fauna can be liquefied is consumed. At the same time, one has to eliminate the remaining food competitors of one’s own and foreign species…

MIND is geared to pure survival. So it manages its resources. It tries to control its environment more optimally through better understanding. Which plants make better food mush? Which mush makes more efficient nuclear bombs grow? How thrown and detonated is the greatest devastation to the enemy? He calls this department of his survival and destruction machinery science. It is impossible to activate MIND early enough in the young generation and make it the sole decision-maker (called education). Integrated into society, this increase means higher chances of survival through stronger, similarly directed defence and annihilation power. Not integrated, this means problems that have to be solved by force again.

Eventually, at the very end, at the very, very end, the strongest individual of the energy animals, in its panic fear of death, will have destroyed all other potential death-bringers (i.e. everything else except itself) and the world will be nothing but an atomic desert.

But MIND keeps on working in this last being. Nonstop, because he knows his own death will come. Despite the destruction of everything and everyone. Despite this maximum possible control of the environment. Death is imminent. It can come at any second… And he knew it from the beginning… He knew from the beginning that everything, everything, everything he will do in his struggle for survival will be absolutely and completely pointless. Just buying him time, pointless time, until death comes and defeats him. Yes, has already defeated him in the first second, with his own first breath. That in this way no one lives, because whether dead today or in 50 years, where is the difference in view of the eternity of death and the futility of one’s own actions? Thus, MIND realises that he himself is also only a phantom. A fighter for nothing but dust and ashes. Even only dust and ashes…

So the system MIND knows from the first moment of its existence that its sole purpose, the sacred ground of its bare existence is doomed to bomb-proof failure from the very first second. That MIND is therefore completely pointless and unjustifiable in its bare existence.

So what does this tactical-strategic combat system do? To justify its existence and its claim to dominance? It simply blanks out this fact in its equations and pretends to be immortal. As long as you bomb away all the dangers of this world and see that you have enough flora and fauna to liquefy.

This is defined by him – because that is his reality – as the meaning and purpose of the existence of the energy animal as such.
And if there is nothing to do at the moment, then in the society of MIND death is of course still further repressed and the meaningless time is filled with meaningless activity… fights with oneself, ritualised fights against the others. Struggles for position and opinion. Increasing influence and personal security through the accumulation of things….

Meaning, eternity and death are known to the energy being. Only the survival system cannot process these characteristics of the world.

But fortunately the energy animal is not dominated and dependent on its survival system.

To compensate for the immense energy at its disposal compared to all other animals, it has been given a wider and deeper access to its existence, an access to knowledge that goes far beyond that of mere physical survival. This access lets it understand that there is a meaning in its own existence and that this meaning does not lie in individuality, but in the knowledge of being absorbed in the process of life. It knows that it is not separate from the rest of existence and that death, the end of material existence, is not the end of existence. So this being has no fear of death, because it is secure in the knowledge of oneness. It is in the knowledge of its service to creation and it frees MIND from its lonely madness and despair and assigns it meaningful tasks to maintain the body in service to creation, lets it act in an integrated way for the good of creation. It changes its body and produces nourishing and fertile seed instead of atomic bombs. No longer consumes indiscriminately in fear of receiving too little, but maintains moderation and balance.

Its energy is for joyful continuation and development of the life process. It is whole and it lives and it dies and it is joyful because it knows about the inner meaning of the cosmos.

Fortunately, the energy being has this insight… So it can sustain creation and be happy. It does not have to race along in lifelong fearful panic and drag the whole world down with it. What happiness…

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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