Streams of consciousness

Our „being“ is determined by our consciousness. It swims in the sea of the soul power. The soul sense draws from this sea. „We“ all draw about it the same, the One. On this level we are all connected with our soul aspect.

The five senses of the mind also draw from this sea. But they see only a microscopic section. Each mind sees something different. Everything appears separate and isolated to them. They all appear completely isolated to each other. They all think they are alone. About the mind the consciousness – receive „we“ – an impression which is called material world.

However, each consciousness is connected with the other. This connection of the consciousness serves the mind for the exchange of its moods and sensitivities. For sending its opinions and its delimitations. This connection overcomes at least the space, perhaps even the time. However, the mind itself believes that it can only exchange materially and in the presence of another or through technical means, but this is not correct. Mind can exert its influence from anywhere and everywhere through the everlasting connection of the consciousnesses. And it does it. Unconsciously – in the sense that it is not immediately perceptible to the mind. This is how collective hysterias or suddenly swelling waves of hatred arise. This is how collective desires and likes or dislikes arise. But also the suddenly appearing fears or worries or desires of individuals arise in this way of influence.

The consciousness – our perception of the world… We…. – consists of the relation of mental and material perception. The soulish perception rests and takes in the consciousness the space which is allowed to it. The mind acts and expands as far as it is let. It is up to „us“ to keep it within its limits and thus avoid a one-sided perception of the world.

Through the connection of our consciousnesses, the streams of consciousness, we are under a permanent influence of „external“ mind activity. Not everything we think, mean or feel results from our own mind activity. So there is not only a connection via the unity of the soul, but also the connection of the minds via the consciousness. This connection is ironically rejected by the mind itself as non-existent, because it contradicts its view of separation and individual, purely material existence.

In this case, we are dealing with a blind man who wildly shoots his fear-rage-lust-greed-grief shotgun in the area, in the firm conviction that he is using a gun that does not shoot bullets. However, he hits with every shot. For their part, the minds hit via the streams of consciousness feel the wounds. Depression, suddenly burgeoning inexplicable emotional states, „irrational“ panic attacks are the result. But people think that these wounds are self-inflicted or created by a situation in which they are involved. Quite in accordance with the doctrine of separation and individuality, an influence from beyond one’s reach and without material cause is rejected.

Since people nowadays are all the time in some „situation“ with other people, it is easy for them to name an apparent – for them „obvious“ – cause for their fear or anger or desire. In recent times, a change in mood can also be blamed on the news that one has just read on one’s smartphone. For a „rational“ explanation of a slight feeling of panic, there is no longer any need for a personal counterpart and everything can be traced back to a direct influence by the written word or the displayed video. Immaterial consciousness connections do not have to be considered if one is under permanent „explainable“ foreign mind influence. Radio, television, Internet and smartphone have their purpose exactly in it to make it possible for minds to inform other minds or better: to influence them. That is why they were invented. If the modern and enlightened man would not have to reject a connection of the consciousnesses for dogmatic reasons, then he would not need these aids of the opinion transmission. And he would not be helplessly at the mercy of the balling blind men.

The people who used to live without these „news“ techniques and in peace knew exactly when another mind was approaching them. They knew what came out of themselves and what was put on them. An irrational worry or anger or gnawing fear could be transmitted unconsciously from a relative, neighbor, or other close person who was suffering from it at the time – or even consciously, in order to harm or win someone over or separate someone from someone else. That was – and is – the witchcraft.

Anyone who gets scared today and cannot attribute it to a violent person present, a threatening situation, the television, the news or their smartphone is considered sick, because in material dogma this fear is considered unfounded, „irrational.“ But it can be the fear of the mother or the fear of the neighbor. Or it can be the fear of society in general that puts this person down with its shotgun. It is up to „us“, to us as consciousness, to perceive these channels again and to use them responsibly and to observe critically what wants to approach us through them. It is important that the dogmatic view of the mind becomes less influential again. Our consciousness must not allow the mind to spread only its singular and solitary view of fear and anger. Consciousness must emancipate the mind and allow the unified soul-mind knowledge to spread through the streams of consciousness. The mind acts and the soul unites: acting in unity. Only together can paradise on earth be recreated.

Our consciousness as a human being is not the only one. Every organ, every cell, every atom and beyond possesses something like „our“ consciousness. They all possess something that consists of the interaction and relationship of matter and soul. These consciousnesses are also connected with all others and power flows in infinitely many and infinitely fine streams. We can use our consciousness „consciously“ to have a healing influence there. To consciously have a healing effect and not to unconsciously cause pain and suffering with the shotgun.

Jesus has taken up and carried the suffering of the people willingly via these streams of consciousness. Through his death, he transformed this suffering and sent the connection of matter and soul to the people who were around him via these streams – active love. The people who received this love at that time have passed it on from generation to generation through their streams of consciousness until today.

In death, our consciousness continues to exist. The flow channels remain. Only the physical, the mind component is missing. Experiences are made then exclusively over the mental perception. As long as, until a physical mind component forms again in the consciousness.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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