But don’t say: „No idea. That’s just the way things are. We could have it worse.“

A walk through the summer city.

  1. a conversation. Overheard briefly as I stand in front of the window of a furniture shop. ‚We’re closing. 40% off everything.‘ a sign reads.
    The owner of the shop is talking to a passer-by: ‚We survived Corona quite well. But the war in Ukraine has broken our back. 70% fewer customers. Plus a rent increase. That’s it now. We can’t go on.“
  2. visit to a bakery-café. A sign „20% surcharge on all food eaten on the premises.
  3. then an ice cream at the ice cream café. It is summer. Might as well indulge. In the cone. To go. The scoop as small as 1972. For 1.40 € a piece.

The owner of the furnishing shop died in the daily war.
The cautionary tale if you’re not smart, not tough enough in this society.

Even ice cream is no longer in demand…

Even ready-made rolls and cappuccino are no longer the surefire means of survival.

And so everyone tries not to end up like the owner of the furniture shop.

And so everyone takes from their fellow human beings as much as they can and gives them as little as they have to.
Balanced, sounding out how much one can expect of people and still have them give up their life energy – their money – voluntarily. Giving the maximum for the minimum in return.

The fellow human being, the prey around which everything revolves.

And then the enemy! The enemy on the battlefield of coffee, ice cream or anything else. The enemy who also wants to – must – suck the life force out of the prey to the maximum.
He takes less serve, but gives smaller buns. But with Smarties on top. The cunning one!
Or the ice cream! He makes a very special one – still cheap to produce – and lures with it. Or has new chairs outside. That infernal dog!
He lies and cheats so much better than you! He is so smart, so cunning, so unscrupulous.
But he manages. He draws the prey to him. So you have to become even more unscrupulous than he is. Otherwise you die like a pig on this bloody battlefield called society.

So people are forced to dehumanise themselves? This is how it should be that one cheats the other more and more effectively? Just to ensure their fucking survival? Survival? Only survival? At the price of humanity? On principle? Inherent in the system as a system-constituting factor? The inhumanity and fear of death? If that is not a spawn of mental illness, then someone should tell me what is.

Everyone is allowed to say – even the politician: „This system is hell on earth, but I have no idea how we are supposed to get out of this deranged slaughterhouse.“ No problem.
But don’t say, „No idea. That’s just the way things are. We could have it worse, couldn’t we? The system guarantees our prosperity, after all. There is nothing better.“

At least recognise and acknowledge the mental illness in which we are forced to exist. That is the first step to coming out of it. The self-deception must end. The brainwashing must end. Anyone who opens their eyes a little – not rips them open, just opens them, a very normal and calm process – will see the deranged state of our society.

„WAR is a racket.“ an American general once said. „War is profiteering.“ or „cheating.“ Just how you see it. But both remain the same in the end…

War is supposed to serve the economy. But war never serves the people. It makes them suffer and it makes them die after it has forced them to fall back into their basest instincts.

What about the people in our war society? Only prey. Only conscripted mercenaries. Fighting for their life energy. Fighting for their bare survival. Thrown back on their basest instincts.

In insane demon cars they chase each other along the motorway. „I don’t need you! See my hatred driving into you from the rabid stare of my car. Get yourself all worked up. Then I have won. Hate has won again. Burn! I will love it. Because that’s the game! A little more hate in the world again!“

This is not what man was created for. That is what has been created by persons who have not the slightest idea of the real, of the cosmic greatness of man and who want to reduce his life only to naked survival and for that to permanent hatred. For the sake of war. For the sake of capitalism. For the sake of dead materialism….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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